God Will Move Though Your Prayers


I read about such devastation in this our fallen world.

I see it when I turn on the news.

I can barely listen to songs of plight and sadness.

Why do I feel I should shield myself from..

this pain and these blues?


I reach out in my heart to those in pain.

I may not know them but that doesn’t stop my prayer.

If I could do but one thing right in this world,

my heart will be filled with words of prayer for others,

even if they never know that I cared.


It is a privilege to pray for others.

God gave us this opportunity to show love.

When life is unkind, when the world gets you down,

When it’s hard enough to put one step in front of the other,

Just know that by our prayers for another….

God is listening above.


We may not understand why.

We may never grasp it all here on earth.

But somehow I know there is a greater purpose,

and to pray for another is of great value…

and of great worth.


So lift up your hearts,

even when your feet and hands won’t move.

There is blessing and goodness to lift others in prayer.

Don’t forget to remember …

God will move through yours to others…

and stand beside them there.




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