Ocean Encounters and Letters Not Sent


I found a site this morning after typing the words in the google search engine – “love letters never to be sent”. LettersIllNeverSend.com is the site. I read a few entry’s and then found one about hoping and wondering if the person you were writing to should maybe someday find the online letter. Unless the URL was sent to him, probably not is my first thought but here is my response:

Dear Nicole:

I had this thought to look up love letters never sent and found this site. I read one or two and found your question. I guess I would have to admit that I wonder the same thing, but like you, reality sinks in that …they moved on and never thought twice…Life is odd sometimes, we make connections or think we do and then poof they are gone. Music helps me as does the ocean, and if all else fails there is always my writing. If for some reason he does find you. I hope the connection is magical and divinely appointed.

Best wishes,



Now to my own letter to someone/two someone’s to be exact:

Dear Someone:

As I sat by the ocean’s edge yesterday I too thought back to a day last summer when my eyes met a stranger. It was only a moment and yet it remained with me until today. I have wondered who he was and as he surfed and I prayed the wild waves and current wouldn’t cause him to drown, I was mesmerized. He was on a mission that day and somehow I could sense this. He was alone in that ocean area and the only eyes on him that day were mine – completely! As he walked past me at a distance and away, our eyes seemed to lock. No words, just motion. All I can wonder is who was that beautiful stranger? I’ll never know.

The second time I had this happen to me was in recent months. This time I was sitting on the sand near the water’s edge and a man walked by with a little boy and I looked up to see him mouth the words ‘hello’. Why he didn’t say the words out loud, intrigued me. Why did he not use his voice also? It was like in a movie and that moment is captured in my mind. I watched him walk down the beach and away with who I believe was probably his young son. I will never know who he was and I’ll always wonder if he ever thinks of the eyes looking back at him that day. I hope he didn’t think me rude. I think I forgot to smile on the outside but I was smiling on the inside, yet I wish I had mouthed the words ‘hello’ back to him. I mean when you’re in awe, you are in awe – dumbfounded awe. (sigh)

Maybe one day I will get it right!

Until then – pressing on!


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