This week my family and I will be enjoying moments IN HONOR OF MY LITTLE GUY-He will be returning to his home out-of-state on Saturday morning and discussing the fact that we miss a lot of holidays together during the year as I’ve only been able to see him during the summer, I have set a tentative schedule for the week …(Holidays in Box I’m calling it.)

Monday: My son and I have a picnic planned. I planned a brown bag lunch – sandwiches, bologna and peanut butter and jelly. Crackers, pickles and lemonade. Update: We sat on the porch at the table and I had packed the food in a brown bag with red stickers that said such things as I ♥ U, U R Amazing, I Believe in U – Love Mom. He stuck one of the stickers on his forehead. Just as we sat down to eat a thunderstorm started and it became louder and louder until my son decided he wanted to finish our lunch inside, so we packed it all up and went in. Tonight was simple – Pasta Alfredo at his request and Salad and bread. This became what we called our Game Night and we played Catopoly (all about cats) and ate popcorn.

Tuesday: I would like it to be about Thanksgiving and all that we are thankful for. I am going to ask that each person write a note of thanks to my son or something they are thankful for. I will provide the bits of paper so that my son can take them with him when he leaves, including the ones he writes and I want us each to read them out loud at the table at dinner. Update: My son gave the blessing. My menu was broiled turkey sandwiches and potato salad. We ended up rescuing a neighbors cat before dinner was over. I guess we did something good. It made us feel thankful we were there to help.

Wednesday: I want this to be about Christmas and giving. Menu: biscuit pizzas, salad, hot cider or hot chocolate is the menu. My plan is to find a few things and wrap them for him so that he will get that sense of Christmas with us and a few items, like a nightlight and a journal, an ornament and maybe make some snowball cookies…and a few surprises. Update: My son wants to play Santa although it is because he will get a special midnight snack of milk and cookies.

Thursday – Easter – Turkey bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches with fruit are on the menu and possibly make some spritzers. I will search the pantry for ideas. My son mentioned having an egg hunt. If not eggs, maybe we can find other things to hunt, maybe an Easter scavenger hunt.

Friday: Today will be in honor of my son’s 12th birthday that we will miss. It will be a going away party and even friends are going to be invited and/or a your Royal Treatment day. The menu is his favorite – Grilled cheese sandwiches, cupcakes of course with candles, ice cream cones or sundaes.

Saturday will be a bittersweet day for me and my Dad and daughter as we drive halfway to exchange my sons with their Dad. It has been all summer since I have seen my 13-year-old . I will sit in the backseat with both boys and tell them both how thankful I am they are my sons. Our chauffeur will be the lovely daughter God also graced me with.

It has been fun planning this “Holidays in a Box” week and I feel and believe God inspired the idea. This is helping me as I prepare to see my little guy go. It is so hard not being able to live with them all. I pray God can help us find another solution so that I can see him more than one time each year. I cry each evening before I go to sleep and it took me until about 2 am to fall asleep last night. My son and I shared stories and things we both had on our minds and I said “I love you to the moon and back” and he said “I love you to the Safe Haven and back”. I asked him where that was and he said “beyond heaven”  I don’t want to miss a moment with him. It has been a wonderful summer and he is such a blessing as all of my children are. God is good and I am still learning that I have to keep my eyes fixed on Him as He is the engineer and architect of my life even designing how to make memories.

I’ll keep pressing on………….


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