I used to sit around and wonder if others thought of me. I would wonder if people who had left my life ever thought of me and then suppose they didn’t. I would picture they were having a beautiful life, while I was sitting around thinking of them, doing nothing. At a standstill! Life floating by! Man that can hurt. It did hurt. ...until yesterday….

All of a sudden after prayers asking God to remove the pain and to align my thoughts with His, did I experience relief. I experienced a new peace and this time the difference is …“that I know this peace is real.” It’s as if this peace places a haze ….over my past thoughts that were once so painful. I had never asked God to align my thoughts with his. It had never occurred to me that if I asked him to do that, that the pain, the torment that I was causing myself would simply dissipate. Why is it so hard to believe God our Father can do the seemingly impossible? I’ve read that. I understood it or so I thought, but I had not asked for it.

He is God! He is our Father. He loves us and doesn’t want us to be in pain or to torment ourselves or let you know who torment us! The key is to ask him….

Now I know. As I learn and grow each day, I hope to learn something new. My grandfather always said to me in our long walks on the beach and amazing talks that I should strive “to learn one new thing every day.” Well that includes what God’s best is for me. I am learning to ask for things I haven’t asked for before. I am amazed at the changes.

Sometimes we don’t know the answers, much less the questions. I know that I can attest to that. It is amazing that in a few short minutes God can open new doors and close the ones that caused so much pain. Those doors that we kept opening and peeking inside … Those doors are called THE PAST, REGRET, SHAME, LOSS. The door FUTURE is right in front of us. There is a door called TODAY!

It’s time to let those other doors stay closed and know that it’s okay to walk into TODAY and look forward to opening FUTURE! I know in my heart that there has to be a door inside FUTURE that is called LOVE, HOPE, and HEAVEN.

I’m sure the path that leads to these doors is called JESUS!


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