In reading in my Celebrate Recovery materials …..the question was asked “has God ever asked you to do something that didn’t make sense to you?” I had an experience recently that left me wondering.

Just a few weeks ago, I made a new friend and she and I spoke again today about the week that I’ve had so far and life etc. I shared with her my experience this week that left me just a bit puzzled. Her synopsis of the situation and why God had placed me there was “He put you there to show you who ‘not’ to trust.” Wow. That left me thinking.

No, the experience wasn’t exactly positive that I had earlier in the week, or was it? Now, thinking about my new friends’ words, I turned them around and over and through in my mind. Yes,.. I’m a problem solver by nature. First and foremost, I say that because…. I am a parent. That in and of itself qualifies someone. I mean…kids are great and all…..but they do provide challenges. Such is life!

So, as I turned my friends words over and over and mentioned it to another friend…I came to this conclusion….’maybe it wasn’t to show me who ‘not’ to trust’. Maybe it was to show me and remind me whom I should trust in! God of course. Maybe God was showing me something alright, but just maybe… He was also answering a prayer. In essence, …maybe God was revealing something to me!!! Okay…. time to remember what I had prayed for?????

I believe God reveals things piece by piece and in his timing. I believe He reveals things when our minds and hearts are ready to embrace what He wants to shows us, so that brings me to these questions:

How do you know what God wants you to do or what he is showing you? How do you know when to move and when not to?

I believe that God says “Yes”, “No”, or “Wait”! That’s like getting the green, red or caution lights in our daily drives on the highway. I have experienced feeling fearful of something only to have it revealed that the caution may have been to ‘protect me’….such as taking a detour, although torn to do so at the time, later learning there had been an awful car accident on that route. (Thank you Holy Spirit!!)

I’ve also felt this persistence in my spirit to do something quickly. There have also been those times when there was no answer at the moment to my questions, so I felt compelled to just ‘sit tight’. (Sit Tight is a southern expression…How does one really sit tight unless in a seatbelt of course?)

So looking at those incidences again, I would have to say ….God was directing me to hold back and go another direction, or..move quickly in the direction of the prompting…. or ...’stay buckled in.’ (translated ‘go left’, ‘ get moving’ or ‘don’t you move an inch!!!!)

I guess I would have to ask the next question also…How do you trust whether the anxiety or holding back is from God or when it’s from an entirely different source? I’m still learning …..but I’d really love to hear from YOU…(NO..this is NOT…I repeat…THIS IS NOT A TEST) 🙂


(1)How you would describe those instances in your life when you were puzzled why they happened at all?

(2)How have you handled them?

(3)What did you do when you were prompted to go another direction from the one you were heading, or to act quickly or just wait?

(4)Did you believe it was God directing you when you looked back at it later?

(5)Did you recognize God’s voice or His prompting when you experienced it?


So, I do have to wonder why God made something available very suddenly that seemed like an answer to a very earnest prayer and was celebrated as such… then have things go exactly the opposite? I don’t wish to always ask God why. (I know I ask a lot of questions as it is)!!


I do believe GOD has it all under control and He’s the one in charge, yet there are times when I feel that maybe a question is in order.

What do you think? What would you do?

…….Until I receive that answer…I’ll keep pressing on….>>



  1. Great questions…There is peace in following the Light…I know that God has had His hand on me…but I made choices that led me away from His love. God kept the light shining, and I returned from the darkness.


    1. Thank you Army of Angels..We all have made choices at one time or another that have led us in the opposite direction from God’ love and further away from the Light, yet that love (God) never left us. In fact the Light/Love waits for us to see…Love never ends…Love never gives up…I ask these questions to learn from others and to share my experiences. Thank you for reading and sharing your story …GBU. 🙂


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