The Next Hello – Revisited!

I was thinking all day about the piece I wrote earlier today about goodbyes and hello’s in life and I decided the piece needed a bit of tweaking/twerking…Please keep reading….(even in blogging there is learning)…so as I previously began…

When you let go or say goodbye …it doesn’t always signify that you do not care…It can signify just how much you do care! There is so much that both hello’s and goodbyes signify. Here are my thoughts on some of the ways….

Letting go (a silent goodbye) may not always be about who was right or who was wrong.

I believe it can mean a lot of different things, including that it may have been the only way without words that someone could show another how much they cared, by allowing both persons to walk their own path in life. Maybe their paths will intersect again someday or maybe they won’t. Hope keeps the light in the window burning that someday there will be another hello.

Leaving and saying the words goodbye has always been a little sad to me. Whether leaving a vacation spot, leaving camp and the new friends you make, leaving your grandparents house or leaving for some new destination and therefore, uncertainty about the new place, can most definitely create uneasiness.

It can seem I suppose, that there are a lot of goodbyes in this life.

People come and go in our lives. Sometimes they stay for a day or month, a year or for always. When someone exits your life or you theirs, and you find yourself looking back over your shoulder as you or they are leaving, saying the words goodbye, can sometimes make the experience more painful yet more memorable.

I believe when we look back physically or figuratively, we could find there is an imprint left on our heart and in our mind. I also believe if we take the time to look for the good in that imprint, we can see that these moments are the treasures we will forever carry.

I like to look at these moments as threads in our life tapestry. Each thread is something memorable that we experienced.

Do you remember persons waving goodbye to you as you left from a particular place? Do you remember how that felt as you drove away and wondered when or if you would see them again or see the place again? Was it a slightly sad moment? Then you were caught up in the day-to-day living again and before you realize it, the memory has become hope that you or they would return to that place again?

I had a dream recently where I remember that I was looking behind me. I heard myself say “I’m only leaving because I can’t ask you to stay.” It was only a dream but those words left me thinking about life and how we embrace and let go. (The hello’s and goodbyes.) Now in the dream it appeared to be a different kind of leaving or goodbye, yet I can still remember it carried a certain sting.

What is it about the goodbyes or even that word that leaves a certain uneasy feeling?

In my recovery journey and looking at my life, I can see where relationships that end in goodbyes can prepare you for the next hello. In the remembering, I’ve found it can prove to be a catalyst to opening the windows of your heart. In other words, it can create perspective that it was then and this is now. From that remembering, it fosters hope. Hope for the new. I believe from my remembering, it can also foster appreciation.

I believe the appreciation is healing.

Okay, so life is not just about the goodbyes. It is also about a lot of hello’s and nice to meet you’s!

Yes, sometimes the scars from our life history can cause us to flinch and miss a few hello’s, but in the missing out, I believe we can learn and appreciate, even ourselves and where we are in the process of life and learning.

We all grow in our experiences, at least I like to believe that. Sometimes we might choose to believe after a sad or painful experience that we would never ever go back down that path again. We might feel that the goodbyes are simply not worth the feelings of pain. We might even for a time believe it would be just as easy to crawl into a hole and try to forget but what good does that do anybody? I’ve tried it. It only creates more division in life and a wider gap in forming the new or even existing relationships. Yes, there are times when I believe God requires us to sit in silence, but not to isolate necessarily.

I believe the silence is needed so we can hear from him and regroup, even ponder and evaluate our hello’s and goodbyes.

Sometimes, there could be too much evaluation. I have done that too. I tend to ponder and evaluate and attempt to solve, but I’m learning that I’m not God (and never was) and that there is another letting go or goodbye required in life. The letting go and saying goodbye in trying to control God. He is God and I also very much believe He always has a plan. He just needs us to let go, and say goodbye to worry and sadness and defending our hello’s and goodbyes and just be. He has our backs. He is our heavenly Father.

He is the author and finisher of all of the hello’s and goodbyes after all!

Now that kind of letting go is worth every seashell I could ever find in my lifetime and I do love to search for them.

There are also the sad goodbyes in life when a loved one leaves for the next and more glorious world. Those are certainly painful, but even in death, hope shows us, there will be another Hello!

What joy that brings to our pain and sorrow. Sounds impossible doesn’t it? I can tell you from experience, I look forward to seeing my Mother again as well as other family members that I shared a lot of hellos and goodbyes with.

I look forward to it being one great big heavenly ‘group hug/hello’!

In summary, it really is okay to look over your shoulder and take a glance at moments where we experienced goodbyes and hellos. They don’t all have to be sad but they could all be memorable in a positive light. Letting go’s and goodbyes in my opinion are what God requires us to do so He can move in our lives, not that He can not move where and when he wants, but we could be delaying something wonderful or someone wonderful that he has intended for us.

***We can hold on to the hope that there will be another hello after the goodbyes in life, even in approaching the heavenly gates.***

I hope you can see like myself, that the letting goes and goodbyes and the hello’s are worth it in the end. I hope you can see like myself, that the letting goes and goodbyes and the hello’s are worth it in the end.

Who knows, maybe the goodbyes will propel us to the next and greatest hello of our lives!

Keep weaving your tapestry and Keep pressing on…..Hello and Goodbye until we meet again!

Suthrngirl51…BTW you can also follow me… @


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