Okay, I’ve just spent a few hours.. (1)Reading prayers out loud. Psalms 144-150 to be exact. The psalms are my favorite!(2)Listening and singing praise music – I was singing from the bottom of my heart (to God) at the top of my voice! Sorry neighbors! A girls gotta sing when she’s gotta sing! (3)Reflecting and going back in time. I went back in time through some of my writing at an online forum where I wrote alongside some great writers.

I decided to locate those pieces I had written, so that I could make sure I have cataloged all of my work for future, or legacy, or for whatever the reason is that I feel I should leave who I am and my story as it unfolds.

Anyway…I read from the most recent to the least recent pieces. In other words, I started reading my work and other passages from late December to pieces written earlier of that same year. I thought that I began to see a patten in the postings, so I decided to read the postings in order from past to present. I stopped at a particular piece where I felt that words that I hadn’t taken full notice of before, now jumped out at me.

When I looked at the flow of words and pieces as they had actually been written in time, even though I was looking from the past’s perspective, a few things caused me to “put my hand over my mouth” and take a second more intentional look.

It was like looking at a crystal clear ocean and spotting a beautiful starfish in the sand on the ocean floor?

Has that ever happened to you? Not the starfish exactly but have you ever for example gone through old photos in an album and suddenly you stumble upon something you hadn’t noticed before in one of the pictures.

That’s what I like to refer to as looking at life in reverse.

Well there it was and as the saying goes ..”if it had been a snake”!

Have you ever had a revelation like that? I believe in my heart God provides those revelations. After a little more examination and reflecting and reading each piece date by date and emotion by emotion, I was exhausted from the journey. It wasn’t that walking through memory lane was bad, yet it was…

…a significant tug at the heartstrings.

I believe its great to sometimes sit and reflect and look back on times where good was good and the sad was present but somehow you found your way through it, of course it was by the grace of God. Why do I say this?

I say it because I believe if you look close enough you can see the growth in your life from that point in time until now. Also, answers that you were looking for are now found in a matter of moments. It can be a little unsettling I suppose to think that the answer was right there in front of you or I and that we may have missed an opportunity, but I also believe it is all about God’s timing.

I’m of the new and firm belief that in digging into the past, if it does not somehow enhance the present or future, then maybe it is best left as an experience.

I was just on the phone with a long time friend and he and I agreed that sometimes it’s just better left alone. I guess that’s why they say…”leave the past where it is the past.”

Some days I would just like to soak in those past days all over again, those beautiful, precious moments. like times standing by the surfs edge, and feeling the warm ocean waves ripple over my toes.

Such moments of tranquility and memories are too precious to ever want to let go of, yet sometimes they just slip out of view away from our memories.

That’s why today is a gift to us. I would like to encourage you to hold onto today. Hold onto those you love.

Don’t miss an opportunity to do or say good and especially, to say that you love them for the first time, the second, or the 10,000th time.

Cherish and absorb the moments of today and yesterday as much as you can, yet in remembering….

….we still have to press on!


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