Drifting’s Value

Drifting along.
Drifting away.
Drifting toward.
Drifting to say hello.
Drifting to say goodbye.
Drifting to say I’ll never forget.
Drifting to search for new, as you embrace the past and let go of regret.

Hearts drift.
Life drifts.
Memories drift.

Love can drift off course.
Life sometimes drifts off course.

There is value in:
Never forgetting
Searching for new
Embracing the past

Drifting is growing.
Drifting is experiencing.
Drifting is movement.

The word drifting is not negative, yet….
The word quitting is.
Quitting is stopping….there is a difference.

Sometimes IN life.. it may seem to others our drifting is motionless …
It’s not what others perceive that defines you or your life.
Only God defines you..God provides the path and the time..that He has given for the drifting…

Drifting therefore has a purpose!….The same with pressing on.

..stopping to admire where you were and where you now are is growth…

Love, life, memories and even the past drift with us.
It is well…it is good

It is not about how fast or how slow…it’s about the experience!

There is value in drifting…


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