As I was Listening to Katy Perry’s Firework the following lyrics jumped out at me:

“Maybe a reason why all the doors are closed – So you could open one that leads you to the perfect road”

Like broken roads that lead you to new….that could simply be the reason some doors are closed along the broken road because there are better and more suitable ones to open.

Now that is inspiration for the day…..

Do you ever feel in life that every door you try to open is shut to you? Have you ever felt that there is an ever winding hall of doors with no answers to be found?

I know at times I feel this and what I’ve learned is that is the time to sit still, to get quiet. Reflect. Ponder. Evaluate. Listen.

Maybe in our busy lives God waits for us to sit still until we can hear his still small voice. So I sit in faith and I sit still and wait. I have an urge to get and stay busy sometimes. I am learning though if he brought to the place, he will walk with you hand in hand or carry you if need be, until there are answers.

Getting still, very still, not just physically, but mentally is freedom when you know you can just hand it all over to God. I’m finding there is no need to fret, or beg and plead, or even worry really. I find God uses these times to educate me. I find this is when a particular subject matter comes to mind and should be researched, however quietly, so that the mind and the Spirit unite.

All is well even, when you are still!

Even in the still – I will be pressing on!


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