Only Part of My Story…….What’s Yours?

Reflecting on Life
Reflecting on Life
I am a single Mom starting life over…AGAIN!. I am a Christian. I am also a Domestic Abuse and Breast Cancer survivor.  I love art and two of my favorite artists are Carol Griggs and Georgia O’Keefe.
I love capturing sunsets and sunrises on my camera phone especially anywhere by the water’s edge. I love to sing and have been singing since I was very young, mostly in my church and a few talent shows in my day. I toured with a Christian youth group formed at a local church years ago. We performed in churches from Virginia, to the Outer Banks and back to NC, where I live. There is something very healing about music and worshiping our God. I believe worship opens the doors to many blessings.
I love to cook and I love creating special family meals. It is very rewarding and a way that I show my love for them from my creations ….all the way to their stomachs. There is something heart-warming about knowing one’s family leaves the table happy.
That is only part of my story, so I write about it. I write about my journey and what I learn along the way. I take a risk by being honest about my flaws and struggles and I ask a lot of questions. The questions I ask are as much for myself as for the reader of my blog.
My goal is to give the reader at least “5 minutes of peace” with something that I may have written. My sincere desire is to encourage others as I have been encouraged.
I believe we are meant to share ‘our’ stories with others. What is your story?
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God Bless You!  …and don’t forget to keep PRESSING ON!



2 thoughts on “Only Part of My Story…….What’s Yours?

    1. I read your comments last night before bedtime and it touched my heart. I’m so happy it brought a smile to your face. Music and praise and worship truly opens the blessings. Yes, I know that I am a work in progress and I have to say ‘thank you Lord’ even when I don’t understand…because I know something good is being worked out. The next words you wrote though touched me more than anything….”I love the authenticity in your blog”. From the bottom of my heart..thank you for those words…that is what I pray that I convey in my posts. I don’t necessarily only strive to post just happy and upbeat pieces….this is my story as it unfolds or has unfolded…..and some days just aren’t ‘sunny’ and ‘roses’, yet I really strive to find the lessons. You made my heart ‘leap’. Whatever God has in store for this blog….I’m doing my best to follow his leading…. GBU


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