Open Heart <3

….no matter rain…or storm.I can NOW find the tiniest rainbow in the sky. if I look close enough.

This is going to be short and sweet……

I can see today there is opportunity and change and rainbows and butterflies…not because I can physically see them…..I sense them. It’s a heart thing. It is actually – Open<3(Heart) surgery …from the ONE who loves me – The Great Physician himself ! the Great Divine! GOD! He has opened my heart and my mind to new beginnings &……POSSIBILITY!

I have received many blessings today and I will be optimistic and hopeful there will be many more to come. What is the change you might ask?

 Truly….it is God’s blessing upon my life. It is nothing that I have done. It is not even about me. I just love Him with all my heart and have wrapped my arms around the foot of the cross. He is the love of my life and He doesn’t expect perfection – yet…He is making perfection through His Son out of my life!

So…. I will be pressing on through the rain (maybe even dancing)…….all the while….. I will be looking for my ‘rainbow’!



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