A Sensory Encounter

Have you ever had a sense that someone was near, yet you could not physically see them? I have that sense from time to time. Last night was different. I was listening to music on the porch and then my senses picked up something that had not been there a few minutes before. Have you ever gone into a room and encountered an aroma, yet no one was in the room with you?

Our senses are very keen. I believe God gave us those senses to protect us, to teach us, to remind us.

 I started to get up from the rocking chair and move inside, but instead I on purpose decided not to move. I deliberately turned my head to look just beyond the porch screen. It was dark. I could only see distant lights from the next door neighbor’s house. I did not see anyone. I hadn’t seen the neighbor’s in days or maybe weeks, as they would in times past also sit outside.

I looked back down at my phone wondering. Just then I turned my head in the other direction to see lights from the driveway area and wondered if my child was home from an evening out. In that moment I also sensed that aroma which had been very strong and that gave me the feeling of closeness, was now fading… as if moving away. I did not hear anything move. In moments, the aroma and sense of something/someone close was gone. I did not sense it again after that, yet I sat there for a while almost hoping that I would encounter it again. I wasn’t frightened. I was curious. I was interestingly almost disappointed and then I was admittedly a little frustrated with myself that I had not called out – as if someone had been standing there. I had another brief encounter a month or two back when I thought I heard my name spoken. I had later wished I had called out then as well. Like last night, I had not seen anyone that time either.

I go to the porch in the evening for solace and to listen to various music or to read. It is one of my favorite places. Only moments before, I had been listening to a song that I had recently found, where the lyrics are asking God for guidance. Listening this second time to this song, I was in my heart asking God to speak to me, to come close as I was seeking His direction. The song spoke what was on my heart. I do not wish to make the same mistakes I have in the past or travel down the same path or disappoint. I am seeking to make wiser choices and through my prayers I am making intentional efforts to seek God’s face before making them.

Did I encounter God …or something/someone else?


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