7 years and 2 months ago I received horrible news after a mammogram.

 I was at the Hospital by myself that day and I didn’t know how I was going to drive home. God was with me!

There were great things that came from that experience..(1)precious moments nightly with Mom (who has since passed), when she would call me even though I was in another state…(2)and my job blessed me by allowing me to work from home and (3)the greatest blessing..

.I learned THE WORD …I studied! I prayed and I got to know Jesus!…I learned and deposited scripture down deep into my spirit for withdrawals when I need them even to this day!

 I want to ask You to support the cause this month..and I pray someday they will have a cure!

I’m thankful for every day of my life..and this experience (Breast Cancer) has become an integral part of my testimony.

Again I ask You to support the cause and anyone that You know that has been diagnosed..even ONE kind word can make a difference.



I wish the ONCOLOGISTS treated mind, body and spirit (at least that was not my experience)…because after the treatment…some scars are harder to deal with than others.

Thank You…and I’m Pressing On>>>>


GO PINK!!!!”


3 thoughts on “GO PINK!

  1. The scriptures are always a balm to a weary soul . They never fail to bring comfort and light. Unfortunately many oncologists are not convicted of the Power of God to heal. As you suggested it will require our involvement and support like visiting these bedsides and singing a hymn, sharing some of the consolation in the Bible and offering up prayer for those who are sick.

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  2. I pray there are experiences out there where the medical staff does have a tri-fold mind, body, spirit or better still..a Father, Song and Holy Ghost) offering to their patients. I have not heard of one but it would be really to hear about one. I can only speak from my experience yet I am very thankful to my job in 2007 and the good Lord above for that year I was allowed to work from home. Every moment I could, I spent learning God’s word which “yes” was the balm of Gilead. I need it today actually…..and I know where I should be heading ….to the good book…Thank you as always for your insight and sharing here… as well as your time to read the writing I post. You are most appreciated. Have a blessed day!


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