Hello: Hope Is At Your Door!


Hope is like the feeling after a big meal. It is a feeling of being completely satisfied for the moment.


Everything is warm and sunny and filled/complete, even if the weather outside is cool. The days are a blurred beautiful.


Silence on the other hand seems to produce Grey skies. There is a loud and an almost unbearable whirring sound in your ears, a deafening tinnitus. Silence has close friends that could show up at the door. Their names are Fear, Panic and Despair and they are the kind of friends to lead one down the path of ‘no return’.

Even if one is alone yet hopeful, it is a peaceful alone. There is a feeling of calm, an almost sleepy feeling, like right before a nice long winter nap. There is a sense of being warm and groggy.


Anyone can bear a time of Silence when Hope comes to visit. If you know someone that is alone, don’t assume that Hope is with them. Schedule a visit with that person, whether in person, or with a phone call, or even by sending a card in the mail.

Please don’t miss an opportunity to be Hope standing at someone’s door!


Pressing On with Hope….


2 thoughts on “Hello: Hope Is At Your Door!

  1. I thank you for your sentiments ..Im honored..I am so happy the words spoke to you. I was sitting on the back steps today enjoying the fact..im okay alone and how beautiful the day was…..and those words came to me. …progress! 🙂

    My thoughts tonight…If we know someone is alone ..we should check on them and not assume they are okay!


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