How May I Serve You Today Lord?

I woke today to some sad news. A local anchor/man with a special brand on the ‘weather’ and who has been visually a man about town and trusted face in my community was found to have passed to his new home, quite simply He passed on. How this shook me. From the time as a young girl, his face was on the news. Even though I didn’t know him personally, everyone ‘knew’ him. He lived very nearby and I may have passed him by in the car each day not even realizing it. Yet what a mark he left on my heart. How he will be missed. It brings me once again to how important I believe it is to leave a legacy and sharing our stories. His legacy will be a strong one. You will be missed Skip!

How are you making an impact in your surrounding area, or even in ‘blogger town’? I guess at this age I think about this more and more. Sometimes I feel I’ve missed so much time and the news today (he was only a few years older than myself) once again reminded me of how short our stay here on this earth really is. I had started to pray differently in the last few weeks and I wanted to share this with you. This is my new morning regime.  As soon as I put my feet on the floor even if my eyes are still closed, instead of saying the Jabez prayer first and thanking God for my rest and a new day. I will start it like this:

Thank you Father for a new day!

Thank you Father for my rest!

How can I serve you today?

How can I be a light to someone of your choosing today Father?

Use me Father! I am yours!

Bless me indeed!

Enlarge my territory.

That your hand be with me.

That you keep me from evil!

….and that I may cause no pain!

Place on my family and I the armor of God. The breastplate of righteousness. The belt of truth. The helmet of salvation. The sword of the spirit. The shield of faith extinguishing the fiery darts of the evil ones and the shoes of peace.

God send your army of angels to walk along-side of my family and I today into tomorrow and thank you for loving me for me!

Help me to be all you want me to be! I will trust You!

Think about the impact you will make on the world today (your family, friends, community). How will you make a mark? What light can you shine for the Lord above today and to whom? Have you asked God how he would like you to serve him today?

….Pressing On>>>



References to:

Prayer of Jabez –  1Chronicles 4:10

Spiritual Armor – Ephesians 6:14-18


8 thoughts on “How May I Serve You Today Lord?

    1. Catalina. Thank you for reading and commenting. Yes loss for this community in a big way. I felt it was definitely an opportunity to give tribute to someone that made a difference and touched so many hearts.


    1. Secretangel – I am forever learning something new to add to what I already know or have forgotten and aligning my thoughts with God (asking him to) and opening the ‘praise doors and windows in my heart’, opens the flow of blessings more and more as I see. It is such a comfort to know he hears our prayers and wants to bless us. GBU


  1. I have on my heart today something maybe you could pray along-side me on. I have felt for some time that I should start a new venture/biz. I thought about it months ago, just briefly and turned back to other things ….It crept up again in my thoughts to really look at it and this time I have spent much time and thought and prayer.

    I am taking steps in that direction, but quite honestly overwhelmed because this is something completely new, yet I completely believe it is viable as there is a need for it as I have researched.

    I made an appointment and discussed it with my pastor today. Some great dialogue we had and seeds and ideas planted.

    Here comes the self-doubt right on schedule. Could you help me pray about this?? – as many of you in fact as read this and offered a prayer would be so wonderful.!!!

    I have the experience required/tenure let’s say. I have much yet to learn. I feel a mix of hesitancy, yet urgency (need to work and yet I wonder) because I truly believe God placed it on my heart to begin with last year…but the ole dark angel is whispering in my other ear….I know the goal is to keep me from trusting God…..and I know the things to do….but I also know the power of prayer….

    Prayers requested….and I would be honored and grateful!


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