When Is It Ok To Give Up? (edited posting from HoldMyHand by v.s.)

When is it OK to give up?

1. When you have tried and tried to say I’m sorry 10,000 times?
2.When the other party continues to play mind games to make you doubt yourself?
3.When your care and concern is being turned inside out and used as a weapon against you?
4. When lies and innuendo are burning down the healthy walls faster than you can erect them?
5. When your heart is ripped apart and there is no band aid that big?
6. When you turn it all inward on yourself ?

Ding Ding Ding!


As a wise one pointed out to me.. Own my own actions! ..Yes flawed!..

A few more questions……

1.Is it okay to own my own care and concern and even own the I’m sorries that have now been shoved down my throat?

2.Is it okay now to own my own “right to be me” and who I am – you bet it is!.

3.Is it okay to stop apologizing for being human and flawed?..Did I mention…I am flawed?

  1. Is it okay WHEN put-downs and self-maligning talk begin to do damage to self, when you can no longer be helpful or encouraging to others, much less to yourself, is it okay then? Yes ..yet….

    Perhaps, “yes” you should consider a change..and say to yourself..”Its OK to be me” ..but maybe you should consider saying “I will be on my way”…saying/without saying…”I wish you well on your own journey!!!”…all the while you are walking out the door to leave.

    To answer my own question though.. “NO”….it is NOT okay to give up!

    Never Give Up!  (Keep pressing on!)

This piece was written some time ago – ages and places in the past when light was just beginning to emerge after years of emotional beat-downs and self-doubt had crept in through the doorway. Today the light is shining brightly! Just to clarify – Who is v.s. You might ask? They are the initials I wrote under at Hold My Hand through a social media site.


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