To Grandmother: An Angel Among Us

Shared from SuthrnRevelations – Tuesday, February 8, 2011

 This is a post from my other site – the site I left behind for the vines to grow around:

This morning as I was reading my devotional before work, a yellow piece of paper fell out of the book. This is the second time this has happened recently. Just shortly before, another piece of paper had fallen out of another book and a writing that had been forgotten, resurfaced at just the perfect time, bringing great comfort. I was amazed today to see on this yellow piece of paper, a letter that I had written to my Grandmother on her last day on earth.  I knew she would never read it, but somehow it brought me such peace to write it.  Sometime later that day, my Mother had called to say Grandmother had passed, perhaps even as I was still writing. 

I sat here at my desk, in my office – where I have artwork from my children hanging on every wall and sitting on shelves and tables. These are my treasures and sitting here is my favorite place in the house. As I began to read the letter, all of the feelings from that day as I sat there writing – returned. Tears filled my eyes. I pictured her standing in her kitchen baking.  She always had pies and cakes in her freezer for anyone that was sick or just a way for her to say that she cared. She loved people and an it brought her such joy to make and deliver her goodies.

I am so thankful that I was able to travel to North Carolina one last time the year before she passed, to see her and spend time with her.  She was a fighter as she described to me (yet, in a quiet way) to the end. She left this earth in the most peaceful manner that you or anyone could ever pray for someone to experience.  My Mother described to me that Grandmother just ‘slipped away’ peacefully.  

Below are the words in the letter that I wrote to her that day.  Picture in your mind the scene as she with her small frame and white hair and big brown smiling eyes (her name was Pearl-fitting as she was such a Gem) approaches the ‘pearly’ gates. She with her barely 5 foot small frame and smiling brown eyes and white pearly teeth shining brightly, about to meet sweet Jesus – the one she so loved and emulated. She was a such an angel among us here on earth and there she was arriving in heaven at her scheduled time. I wrote:

Dear Grandmother:

You are such an inspiration, a lady of grace. Your love exuded from your being. You never met a stranger. You always gave a smile. I am so thankful, that the last time I saw you, I was able to sit with you a while.

The giggle in your voice, the joy unspeakable. I never knew why you were so happy. You didn’t have much but all you had you shared. Every fiber of your being was love and every one around knew you cared.

I know dear Grandmother that I hear the angels singing. A beautiful soul is arriving they say and a jubilee is being held in your honor. You see dear Grandmother that the gates of heaven are opening. And they are calling the name of Pearl. I hope you feel in your heart that you are loved. There are bells and they are ALL ringing.

I thank you for being such an inspiration of love and peace. I will treasure all of my memories of you and share them with my own. Jesus is welcoming you home. I can feel the chill – the joy unspeakable. I know that you are approaching the gate. Don’t look back, just walk straight ahead. What a beautiful experience. I know you can’t wait.

Kiss dear Aunt M for me and I can almost hear her giggle. Like the days of Welk. There is a dance in her step. Her sister has arrived and she has missed you so much. She has so much to show you. Your brother is there and look, there’s your Mother and Dad. I know in my heart, you are way too happy to be sad.

I will miss you dear Grandmother, but your passing has been an inspiration. We should all pass with such grace. I know one day I will see you again and I can’t wait to see your lovely face.

Until then I will Keep Singing..(and pressing on) 

Your grandaughter V

Note:  My mother is now with her….two beautiful angels…



2 thoughts on “To Grandmother: An Angel Among Us

    1. I was definitely graced to be their daughter and grand-daughter and only at this age do I understand just how much they did for me – not that I didn’t appreciate them, but sometimes with age – comes a little bit more insight. 🙂 Thank you also ..for your support here at Pressing On and with my sharing… God Bless You as well!

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