Love Just Is – A letter to Love! (Revised)

You know that you are better when love has touched your life. Better somehow and here is how:

Dear Love:

You came into my life Love and you brought a smile to my sad eyes. You came into my life like a whirlwind but as quickly as you arrived – you left. Love, you took my breath.

In that whirlwind, I was spun around and flipped upside down. I couldn’t grab hold of anything – I toppled from head to toe – over and over and around and around I spun. I was mesmerized by you, Love. I was so in awe of you. I couldn’t catch my breath and my vision became very hazy as if walking through mist.

But here is what you left me in your leaving – this is what I now understand…but first – this is how I was left when it seemingly was all gone –

I shattered like glass. I fell to the ground. As I lay there, I felt all color drain from my life. Everything that in a moment was once rosy and bright, was now this awful shade of blue Grey. The air was thick and it was hard to breathe – Why had it all gone so wrong and where had Love gone? As I lay there (on the floor) – I knew my place in it.

I know now that I never really leveled out in order to catch my breath – to even speak a word – well only a few words…. Afterward, the only sound from my throat was weeping and the occasional wiping of my eyes. I was broken. I may still be broken. My heart still hurts. Some days it is still hard to breathe. There are moments of light and then more tears – I wonder some days if this will go on for years – it already has.

I was so in awe of you, Love. I can still see the beginning. I can still feel the touch – more like a brush of the hand – a whisper – a breeze – a brief sunny moment – then dark.

But o Love – what you left me, that I now see – you gave me hope. You gave my heart a reason to beat. You made me giggle. You made my heart flutter – and it felt as if I died when you Love – seemingly left me – but you never really did – did you? I know you are there – You are in my heart. You always will be. Even after – when some day – I’m no more – you, Love will still will reside inside my heart for always… left your mark on me. You know that you did – don’t you, Love? I am forever changed.

I realize that I’m better for having you, Love touch my life even momentarily. Love, you gave me ‘reason’ to hope. Love, you gave me a reason to push on. Love, you made me realize that every day I have more of a reason to share. Love, you were and are my inspiration. Love, you were and are my song. Love, you filled my words – in fact you helped me ‘find’ my words. You filled my days and my nights and my dreams. And you, Love – live on – in me and through me. No, I will not forget you Love and I know in my heart, you haven’t forgotten me. I knew Love was true and so did you.

Love graced me. Love embraced me. Love is still inside. With Love there is no absolutely no reason to hide. Love will endure. Love will remain. Love will persevere. Love will move on (if it must) and yes, Love will move with me and through me and for always – simply be.

My love is real – but Love is sacrifice (if need be). Love holds on even when all is gone (something so beautiful is hard to let go of) – that’s what Love gave – that’s what Love gives – Love goes on and and Love forgives….Love just is.

Thank you Love! You are loved for who you are – Love – just love…..



<3-Explanation – This is about the presence of love and the influence of love – God’s love, Jesus’ love came down at Christmas – falling in love and even carrying love in your heart – just love...


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