45 Things I have learned in 2014:

It’s always amazing to see where you were to where you are today!

  1. There are healthy limitsboundaries are important.
  2. It’s okay to provide yourself with self-care.
  3. Sometimes, it’s okay to ask for and accept help.
  4. Recognizing and dealing with painful feelings is necessary for growth.
  5. That someday it will be okay to be vulnerable again – even if not today.
  6. Fear can drain you of your life.
  7. That guilt and shame should be looked at squarely in the face – accepted and then dismissed as lessons to improve self.
  8. That anger is not always bad – sometimes it is necessary.
  9. That it is okay to stand up for ourselves.
  10. Prayer is positively necessary – even if shared silently.
  11. Gratitude opens doors and windows in our heart and life.
  12. New beginnings are inevitable – but they do not have to be accompanied by fear.
  13. That the word past is not always a bad thing – in fact learning to appreciate it is healing.
  14. It is okay to need someone and okay if you learn they don’t need you – just find someone who does – even if it hasn’t happened yet – leave the door cracked a bit.
  15. Living in the right now is freedom.
  16. Telling yourself you are not a victim – but a survivor is essential. No need to be a martyr.
  17. Sadness does dissipate when you focus on your blessings.
  18. Whatever stage in life that you are in – is okay – as long as you continue to move forward. In each stage and season there are lessons.
  19. Your path is your path.
  20. It’s okay to want to make others happybut not at the expense of your own happiness.
  21. Be who you were meant to be. You don’t have to be superman or superwoman – you is fine!
  22. Just because they are family doesn’t mean there aren’t healthy boundaries.
  23. It’s okay not to understand everything.
  24. It’s not our timing anyway – it’s God’s!
  25. Worry never settles anything.
  26. Setting goals is healthy – not always meeting them doesn’t mean you fail! – Just re-set!
  27. Go easy through life – it may be called a race – but don’t race through it….breathe!
  28. If we are in pain – hiding from it won’t make it go away – it will be just around the corner or on the other side of the door.
  29. I’m not perfect and mistakes will happen.
  30. When others tell you that you don’t measure uplet them know you aren’t a yardstick.
  31. It’s okay to let things happen. It’s like forcing a flower to bloom when it’s not the right season.
  32. Waiting and silence do not have to be lonely words. They can be times for healing.
  33. Your healing is not measured by how someone else went through the process or anothers’ expectations of how long it should take. It is an individual process.
  34. When you have a good day – enjoy it. When you have a bad day – give yourself permission.
  35. Take a risk when you’re ready – otherwise, it would be life bungee jumping without the chord.
  36. So you made bad choices in the past – make better ones going forward. Throw out that bat you were beating yourself over the head with.
  37. What if’s will drive you crazy. Focus on what is!
  38. Be directsay what you need!
  39. The word surrender doesn’t have to be about impending doom – it can mean – release to freedom.
  40. Letting go – hurts sometimes – it could just be that you shall pass that way again someday-leave the door open to possibility.
  41. Acceptance is when your heart sighs in relief. Accept that you are where you are for a reason, or for a season but nothing is wasted.
  42. There is purpose in living – we don’t have to know it all.
  43. Everyone is different and special and different and special is good! Own yours! Let others be who they are – love each other!
  44. Talk is sweet when spoken kindly of another.
  45. Life is short – You have a story – Share Your story with others.

….pressing on to 2015 >>>>>

Happy New Year – almost! SG51


17 thoughts on “45 Things I have learned in 2014:

    1. Thank you Karen. These are all things that I’ve learned this past year. While I am learning about acceptance and ‘just being’, I decided it was time to do an inventory of how I had grown this past year. Day by day – we move and we are growing even when we don’t realize it. I wish you a blessed new year with much happiness, love and success. God Bless you!


      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so happy you liked it. These are things that I’ve learned and when making an assessment of all I have learned this past year – I became so grateful for those lessons.I certainly do not mind – please do share! I pray it speaks/helps someone….Happy almost New Year …for good health, happiness, success and much love in 2015! God Bless you….Vicki


  1. Well said and truly encouraging, yet inspirational. You just made me smile. My heart resonates with all of these, no wonder I’m reading them. Thank you for sharing and God bless you. Check out my blog if the opportunity arises.


    1. Thank you so much for reading it and for your kind and encouraging words! I’m so happy it caused you to ‘smile’.Smiles are wonderful! God bless you also and Happy New Year almost! I most certainly will check out your blog! Again – thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  2. It’s not often someone else’s blog brings me to tears. You visited my post: Missed Milestone’s and mentioned you’d written about the 45 things you learned this year. It amazes me how we can all learn from each other…from one survivor to another, thank you for these reminders. ❤ -Kenzel


    1. Wow – I am simply amazed and honored…They were simply things that I learned this past year and when doing an assessment of this past year – I realized I wasn’t standing still after all, I had grown. God had grown me – Yaye! 🙂 He is amazing like that. I’m honored by your words and by your time commenting. Our paths have not crossed in error…and on this last day of 2014. New and better starts at the strike of ’12’! God bless you ….

      Liked by 1 person

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