Time to Get to Work: Our Top 15 Goals for 2015

Okay – so you made it to the New Year! The parties are over. The holidays are over! The New Year’s Eve blast is done – now it’s time to get busy – setting goals!

Sit down at a table with your pen and paper or your crayon – whatever works and get your thinking cap on!

What direction do you want your life to go this year? Let’s do this fun exercise and write this all out and save it for next year’s New Year’s eve – to see where we are with those goals – something to look forward to and measure.

Here we go – get ready – set – go! Think hard – No this is not a test – but it will be fun to look back at:

  1. What would you like to see happen in your life in 2015?
  2. What would you like to accomplish in 2015?
  3. Like a hummingbird to a flower – what would like to attract to your life this year?
  4. Are there areas in your life that you would like to grow?
  5. Are there areas in your life that are holding you back – things that you would like removed?
  6. Is there something that you would like to attain this year?
  7. Is there somewhere you would like to go in 2015?
  8. With friendships and love – is there something on your heart that you would like to see happen?
  9. In our families – is there something that you would like to see happen?
  10. Are there areas in your life or problems that you have had or have that you would like to see resolved?
  11. Are there decisions you have been sitting on the fence about and know it’s time to make?
  12. What about related to money or a job? Where would you like to see yourself at the end of 2015?
  13. Personally what would you like to see happen inside of you, even around you?
  14. Who would you like to help this year?
  15. Is there something special on your heart that you have not listed above – this is it’s special place – list it here!

Did you write it down? Don’t rush through it. Reflect – dream – hope – visualize. Write it.

Now –

  1. Place the list in an envelope.
  2. Put the envelope in a safe place or a place you will go to at the end of 2015.
  3. Mark a date on your calendar as a reminder to go and open your envelope.
  4. Set reminders on your calendar to go to your special place.

Create a board for your house – and list your goals and dreams and hopes and changes ….or list 1-15 or a note that says I have goals for 2015 and I’m going to meet those goals!

  • Write something that motivates you to keep going toward your goals for this year.
  • If you have listed the goals on the board, *check them off on the board when you see the goal reached.

Celebrate meeting your goals! Be good to yourself this year! Be expectant with lots of hope for this year!

You’re well on your way – I’m doing the same thing – Let’s make a date on New Years Eve 2015 to meet back here at Pressing On to share our year with each other and our successes! (DATE SET: DEC.31/2015)

Good luck – Keep dreaming – Keep working on those goals – and Keep believing! You can do it! I know you can – We can!

Let’s make some dreams come true for ourselves and others this year!

Remember I said I would end each post with this – “You have an amazing story – have you shared YOURS today?”

So have you?

Remember the list/s above are an outline to writing YOUR story for the upcoming year. Isn’t that cool – you have written your outline? – You’re on the way!!


14 thoughts on “Time to Get to Work: Our Top 15 Goals for 2015

  1. Hmm. I’ll try it. I’m sceptical but it sounds reasonable and workable enough to give a try. Now write a post for me on how to get past the voices in my head telling me I can’t do it so don’t bother trying. *loud wail * I need all the help I can get! 🙂


    1. Karen:

      I hope you will try it. You’re one step closer actually – You considered it. Let it sit in your spirit and when it feels right – even to jot a few things down on a napkin and save it for later on in the year to look at it is good.

      I know what is like to have those voices speak negativity to you. I have struggled after coming through 12 years of emotional put-downs and having them become ingrained within. My own voice became part of the negative self-talk but I have learned – that those voices are liars.

      God equipped you with your own special gifts and abilities -Romans 12:4-8. -1Corinthians 12:9-11 – 1Peter 4:10,11.

      I have so many ideas and things I would like to share with you and thank you for your suggestions. Keep your eyes out – for a post written just based on your words. I’ve already started looking for a few things – and found a couple of great sites already….

      Karen – this is DO LIFE TOGETHER in 2015! I want you to know that I am here for you. That’s why I’m excited about 2015 – we can help each other! That is one of my goals if not one of my main goals. I have had so many people help me.In fact – Here is my gift to you today – a link to great scripture/s to help fight those voices.


      Have a blessed day Karen – Keep pressing on….>>


      1. Thanks for the scriptures. I need all the help I can get now. I’m really in a miserable, fearful place in my life. I pray God gives me a better tomorrow. It is not good that I’m starting a new year feeling the same old way. I know it’s the enemy, because he present himself every time God gives me new responsibilities to serve. I know I need to keep my eyes on Jesus, yet my marriage is so distracting and depressing it keeps me emotionally weighed down and keeps anger in my soul. Plus I am unemployed now and that is just tying up my ability to move out and move on. Until then, I need the strength to rely on Jesus only, cause I’ve found I can’t rely on my husband to fulfil my needs. He does something new everyday to let me down and make me feel unloved and stressed. Only Jesus Christ fulfils.
        Please keep me in your prayers.


      2. Karen:

        Your words touched my heart and I’m so sorry you are in that place. I have been there – 11 years to be exact…First – you are and will be in my prayers – and I pray that you will find peace in your heart and soul.

        You are welcome for the scriptures – It is hard to focus on what you have when you are beat down emotionally/verbally daily. It wears your down and wears you thin. I pray you will reach out to a support group – your church or family or friends or even a hotline of some sort. Yes – fear is not from God. The enemy wants you to feel trapped and cut off from the world. I promise you that you aren’t. I was there. I have been isolated but Karen – here is what I see now.

        God was right there beside me. He had his hand in everything. But what I did was focus on numbing the pain – or staying so busy that I didn’t have to deal and what I did was partly coping mechanisms and partly denial.

        I see now that the enemy had a hold of my mind. I took my eyes off Jesus or at least from time to time I did. He (Jesus) wants us to ‘let go’ and let Him. It took me until this past year to finally do that. To understand the word surrender. That word as I’ve written about before – scared me. I guess pride was in play also.

        One thing that opened the door to change in my life was ‘gratitude’. I wrote about it and I also starting saying the the Jabez prayer each morning “Lord bless me indeed (He wants to bless us). Enlarge my territory – wow! have I seen enlarged territory (he wants us to ask), That your hand be with me – (comforting), that you keep me from evil (very comforting) and let me not cause pain (I felt that was all I did). That shame was not completely mine. It was from the enemy also. He weazles his way into the crevices of our vulnerable places.

        From how you write – you know God, so you know He Loves You. From your words – it sounds like God trusts you by giving you responsibility. That is a positive. He is working His plan possibly through this responsibility.

        If I could ask you to do one something for yourself – be gentle with yourself. What I mean by that is – go easy on yourself. Just because someone else lets you down – doesn’t mean you should give up on yourself. I know it is easier said than done. I know ..I almost gave up completely. I felt like everyone have given up and turned their backs on me – those I knew and those even that I didn’t and I have always cared what others thought, so I felt I let them down even by not being able to connect with them after emotional abuse, I shamed myself.

        I wasn’t at the point of connecting and what I see now is that is okay. It is God’s timing and grief and loss (even while together) is an individual process, so be gentle with yourself. Stay in the word as often as you can and even write some scripture down and carry them with you ..in your pocket, in your wallet, and when you feel overwhelmed – take it out.

        The coolest thing was learning scripture and to this day – something will happen and I can recall this scripture to mind and say it out loud or silently – and it is a gift you give yourself – that God gives us.

        I also understand the unemployment.

        One more thing and I hope this speaks to you. I was afraid of alone. I was so uncomfortable at first – but I see now that God has given me this time to work things out in me. I needed to slow down and get quiet to hear him and see his hand in my life. I am still learning, but I know that even in being isolated and alone – there was purpose.

        Hang in there sister – I felt your every word. I truly did. You are in my prayers….God Bless you.

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      3. Thank you for your impactful words. You said something here that I never thought of before. God trusts me. I guess in a strange way He does, cause this last responsibility I have is for children ministry across a whole city. I had served in the same ministry at my local church last year and got a fight from the enemy from within my church. My husband was meaner than ever. I was ready to hang up my boots and out of the blue I got a call from the Conference director inviting me to sit on the Children Ministry Advisory Council and the next thing she was asking me to be Zone leader working with nine churches in my town. She told me I was highly recommended. I don’t know by who. You are so right. God has a plan to enlarge my territory because in spite of my intense marital pain and strain I remained faithful to him and gave 100 percent to his ministry. I will try to do as you advise in your very comforting word: be gentle to myself, let go and God. I believe that I also need to keep his Word close to me and will resolve right now to use that tactic of taking the scriptures around with me. I have had those occasions when the Lord has spoken to my heart through His Word, so I know exactly what you mean. God bless you for your word of inspiration to me today. God has blessed your blog to reach women like me. I’ve heard it said that sometimes the Lord allows you to go through your valley experiences because He has a plan to use those who have first-hand knowledge of hurt and heartbreak to minister to those who are burdened and heartbroken. It is true. I see it happening through your writing. It takes a special kind of wisdom and experience to reach someone in despair. Maybe that was God’s plan for your life: to make you and me commissaries of hope in a time when people are dying hopeless and in despair. Keep up your fine work. Thanks for your prayers. God bless you. I feel much better this evening. God is good.


      4. Karen – I’ve had you on my heart all day – I’m so glad that you found what I wrote helpful in some way. I suppose the reason your story today touched me so greatly is because I have lived it. It has been so much more difficult to reach the other side of the verbal beat-downs than i ever could have imagined. When I started the blog – it was a risk to share my story – being that vulnerable and open – but in my heart, I felt that it was important to be real about what has happened to me. I know that I’m not alone in that and many people go through verbal abuse – male and female and much worse. I’ve made lots of mistakes in life but I felt I needed to share this part of my story. I can only speak from where I’ve been and what I’ve learned.If there is wisdom, it is from the good Lord above.

        All I know is that your story touched my heart today like I mentioned and I was determined to stay by my laptop today to share something that could help in some small way. I know I have been blessed with people that God placed strategically at different points in my life this past two years and before – some that I knew and spoke with and some that I’m sure I didn’t realize were for me and in my fear may have felt were against me. I’m sorry for the wrong thinking if that was the case – but as I said, fear gripped me and when it does – it can alter how we respond to anyone. All I can do is move forward. I knew in my heart you were a woman of God and I felt and you confirmed that God has his hand on you with the Divine appointment and working with children. That is an amazing thing. Who knows in your interaction and through your own journey you may be helping others going through similar, even without realizing it. God is amazing like that and why I feel it is so important to share our stories. I’m hoping tonight you see how valuable you are to the kingdom of God! 🙂 Sweet dreams and a blessed weekend.


    1. That is a great idea – I have read – what we want to manifest in our life – we should either write it out – cut pictures out and post it/paste it somewhere to refer to …whether that works or not – I hope you can share with us as they manifest in your life! GBU


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