5 Choices You Can Make with YOUR Gift of the New Year

I sat down this morning to study the bible and honestly I have to tell you – I learn visually. I love to watch and listen to videos.

As I started watching Joyce Meyer (January 4th) (1)video she spoke words and the video stalled at her words “What is wrong”? Then stalled at “What is the Problem”? And then at the word “Why?” I thought that was kind of odd but I wrote those 3 questions down, just in case there was a significance.

The next thing Joyce spoke about was explaining what ‘to read’ meant – to inquire and investigate. I also looked up the word (2)’study’ online and found ‘diligence – to labor, to endeavor, be continuous, earnest.

I looked up the word (3)’learning’ in Google – The acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience.

Joyce said “ if you really want to do something – you will find the time to do it.” She is right.

How many times do we want to do something and not do it? Okay – so where was it really on your scale of ‘to do’? Was it ‘mildly‘ want to do? Was it ‘barely‘ want to do? Or was it …”I can’t contain myself – I want to know now”?

So what is wrong? What is the problem? Why? And where are we?

We are at the beginning – the beginning of a new year and what is the problem? In my heart what I was thinking and questioning was this – what do I need to do at the beginning? I knew that I had the answer. I need to study more – to spend more time with God and getting to know (4) GOD as the creator and Father and Jesus, as my Lord and Savior and even the Holy Spirit – my teacher, counselor.

I need more. I have a desire to do more and be more this year – so I knew that I needed to begin again – at the beginning.

Do you know that Genesis means – The beginning? ((5)Google search) I had scribbled down the books that I might want to start with this year – Romans, Jeremiah, John, Ecclesiastes, Ephesians and they are all wonderful – but to begin again – you start at the beginning – Genesis.

I learned that in the beginning – before the world was formed He knew you and he knew me? Did you know that he chose You – even before the world was created? Read Ephesians 1:3-4.

Ephesians 1:3-4New International Version (NIV)

Praise for Spiritual Blessings in Christ

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. For he chose usin him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love.


Now that’s amazing to think he knew and chose YOU and I before (BEFORE) the world was ‘formed’. Can you wrap your head around that?

Think about this – (6)Did you know that before God became your father – he was just known as your creator? In other words, until we believed in Christ – he was our creator – not yet our Father? He became our Father as well as our creator (as well as) when we believed in Jesus!

When we believed in Christ, is when we received the gift of life! We were known before the world was formed. We were chosen. We received a gift after we did one thing – believed! (7)Grace! The gift! We did nothing to earn it nor could we do anything to earn it. It was a gift!

What do you do with a gift? You have choices:

  1. To accept it or reject it? To receive or not to receive!
  2. If you reject it – you either give it back or throw it away.
  3. If you accept it – you open it – you look at it, you use it.
  4. When you open it and look at it again you have a choice – to appreciate it or not.
  5. Again – If you reject it – you put it away and you do not appreciate its value.
  6. If you accept it – you inspect it, you use it – somewhere – some how you enjoy it. You have made a choice to do so.
  7. Finally -You thank the giver. You appreciate them. You value them.

So what will you do with your gift of the new year? Will you accept it as a gift and open it, look at it , appreciate it, use it, enjoy it and thank the giver? Or will you reject the new beginning and endeavor to do no more than you did last year or not strive for more – or just sit on the fence and stay still? You never stay still though, you realize that right? Life moves on – Oh I suppose you could sit still in a sense but life will keep moving around you?

What will you endeavor to do this year? What do you want to learn? What will you choose to do with your new beginning?

As I mentioned, we have a gift of the new year. What do we do? We are starting at the beginning. It is a gift to start (begin) again. What are we going to go with it? Are we going going to open it, appreciate it or lay it down? Are we going to inspect it, use what we’ve been given, to enjoy it and if so, are we going to thank the giver – not just today – but the gift of everyday?

We are at the beginning and what do you do at the beginning? Do you sit down and stay put or do you start?

It’s time to begin. How will you begin? What will you do with your gift of the beginning?

Okay – so don’t forget, in your beginning – to share part of your story with someone today!

Do you know that by sharing your story or even a part of it – it is a gift you are giving away of yourself – maybe to be a witness to someone?

Who knows – you could be helping someone else with their beginning!


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6 thoughts on “5 Choices You Can Make with YOUR Gift of the New Year

    1. Thank you – when writing today – He showed me that even to begin again is a gift. He gives us so much and yet he gives us the gift of choice. He is an amazing loving gentle God! The song is one I am working on to hopefully to share soon. The lyrics really speak to me…..


      1. Amen… He does give us so much and every day is a gift. Please share the song with me when you are finish. God is so awesome to give us all that we need… and more… like songs. I look forward to hearing it.

        Liked by 1 person

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