How Can We Share More in 2015?

It was time for a new look for the blog. In 2015 – gathering together and the word ‘unity’ is my theme. Love one another as Christ has loved us is on my heart.

I had a moment to eat out this weekend with my daughter. She and I were discussing how my mother and I dressed her up like a doll when she was a baby, all the way to the time she was about 6 years old. It was so fun coordinating her headbands or bows with her outfit.

So as my daughter and I sat eating in our booth at our favorite eatery, a family arrived and sat just next to us and they had the cutest little girl. The baby turned around in her high chair and watched my daughter and I as we sat there eating. Of course, who can resist looking at a baby? We couldn’t!

We learned that the little girl was 7 months old and she was a great sleeper. Her Mom and Dad shared with my daughter and I that the little girl would sleep 8-10 hours at a time and also took 2 hour naps. Wow – those parents were so lucky and had been blessed!

As I was leaving, I couldn’t resist one last time speaking to the little girl and said to her ‘bye beautiful’. Without a skipping a beat, the Dad looked up from his phone and said as he waved ‘bye’ just as if I had been speaking to him and then his young son did the same thing. It caught me a little off guard but then I just giggled and left the restaurant. What a bit of grace God blessed me with – just in interacting. They were a beautiful family.

Those are the treasured moments to me. I pray that in 2015 that I will have more of these just beautiful moments where we (myself and others) share bits and pieces, even moments… sharing. Life is too short not to share and my heart is open and ready. What fun ways have you shared with someone – even a funny moment or encouraging moment recently?

Have you shared your story with someone today? Sharing is caring!


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