34 Things To Help You Know God is 4 YOU!

I woke this morning even before opening my eyes and I prayed for over an hour. I asked God to wash my mind with hyssop, for my thoughts to be washed whiter than snow. To wash my words – that I would speak love. To wash my actions, that I would walk in love. I asked God for forgiveness for turning away. I asked God to forgive me and I asked God to protect myself and my family but also I asked God to bless others, in fact, I prayed for all that came to mind – one by one and name by name and those that I did not have names for but knew of. I prayed for their pain. I prayed for my pain and I asked that our pain be washed away. I opened my eyes and said out loud – “Hallelujah – thank you for a new day – and This is the day that the Lord hath made – I will rejoice and be glad in it”!

Something had been weighing heavy on my heart for a while and here is where I WAS…..Oh – people even the closest to me didn’t even know…..only myself and God!

I have been struggling with extended sorrow that led to extended suffering. Let me explain and get real! The sorrow was real (loss of family and life changes and illness) – Well the struggling, I allowed it and I also fell prey to it.  I have asked God for forgiveness for allowing it (suffering-you see I had a choice here) to continue when I should have been sharing my hurt – no – giving it completely to him!

I shared that I would be real here on this blog and authentic, even when I fell. Well today, I am sharing how I reached the other side of it. My heart is shouting Hallelujah!

I have prayed and prayed (even for others, for things in the past and I have asked for all of us to be forgiven and to forgive each other) and felt very isolated and my pity party turned to a very deep shade of blue yesterday and I felt that I would not go on much further and almost bowed out of a meeting with a friend – Praise GOD that I didn’t – because I have learned and changed through the suffering and I am thankful for what I have learned.

Today, I don’t have to fight this anymore, in fact – I will ‘thank him’ for it – …knowing that I have to surrender to it by giving it ALL  – and not throw stumbling blocks in front of God, instead of GOD having to dodge what I left in front of him… He can just do what he needs to do… through it….

Today is day ONE! (again) and again and again – of mercy’s new – and strength and hope and inspiration – if I am to go through it – I will share it – and be thankful he gave me something to share…so here is what I received as grace and mercy from the meeting with my friend:

1. If we want something – it may not always be immediate – and that’s okay. There’s a reason. Ask and give it over to God.

2. Do not compare our thought life with someone else – We can not live someone else’s purpose. To compare is negative.

3. Suffering is a process – in time there will be healing – we may not be the same ever again – but we will be new and that it takes time. God’s time. There will be a bend in the road with signs of relief in sight.

4. There was a purpose in the suffering. God is trying to teach us something.

5. Do you know any “sandpaper” people? Those that rub you the wrong way? Well there is purpose for them also.

6. If we slip back again into old ways and allow negative self talk – get on your knees and get back into scripture. Call a believer or better still – be the encourager to someone else.

7. Remember – God convicts – Satan condemns – its not the same thing.

8. Satan can’t read our thoughts – so don’t speak negative out loud.

9. God is chipping away at things we are having trouble with. Set it aside – Lay it at his feet – at God’s feet.

11. If there are strongholds in your life – think on those things that are praiseworthy. Pray and ask God to break the strongholds.

12. To keep your thoughts on things above.

13. Don’t give up too soon.

14. Begin while others make excuses – participate – work on it.

15. Spend time in the Word. Persist.

16. Walk away from others when it continues to be a negative – but don’t walk away from God.

17. No one can choose our thoughts. I f you do not want to think about negative things – stop – go away from those things that are causing those negative thoughts – Get in the Word.

18. Every day is fresh and mercy is new every day.

19. Stop dropping bricks in God’s path. He is trying to help us.

20. Be positive! Positive + Positive = Positive

21. In His name we will be persecuted. Do you ever think no one will ever want you because —-(fill in the blank) so you pull away because you are afraid of being hurt (rejection), and you will not allow anyone to come close? Let love in.

22. Have a plan B. That is not always bad – unless God was PLAN A!

23. Is there somewhere you are trying to go or to be but you didn’t quite make it? Then, thank God for it – He is Plan A!

24. Rest in God.

25.We have to have balance in our thoughts – be grounded in the Word of God!

26. Be around encouraging people. Be encouraging.

27. The anchor for your soul is Hope! There is always hope – even if it appears to only be a glimmer.

28. Expect God to be gracious. Expect the good things in life.

29. Have you ever had an evil foreboding? Get in the Word!

30. Put God first. Let Him guide our steps.

31. Meditate on His precepts – his laws.

32. Don’t grumble – Be thankful!

33. Don’t let stumbling blocks trip you up!

34. Go to your happy place when you need to. God doesn’t want you to be hard on yourself.

Credits and thanks go to: FIRST and foremost to GOD and to Dawn-a lovely lady leading the study/Joyce Meyer and her book – the Battlefield of the Mind/my friend Makiko – who allowed God to speak to her heart – and when she did – He spoke my name and she called and asked me if I would like to participate…. God, who knew and worked through my suffering to bring about and will continue to bring about change as I continue ..pressing on….

Have you shared YOUR story today? Do it and be amazed! Let God work through YOUR story!


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