My Gifts for Today -Nuggets of God’s Wisdom – DAY ONE

In my quiet reading time today – these are the nuggets of wisdom God placed on my heart that I would like to share in the hopes that it will speak to your heart – bring help and healing where it is needed. This is one of my new ideas for 2015!

1. God does not expect us to obey those in a higher position when they ask us to go against God or his word.(a) Obey God – read His word! (Exodus 1:17-21)

2. Do you feel surrounded some days by evil and feel frustrated that you can’t seem to do anything about it? (a) Look for ways to act against it – find something good to do for someone (b) trust God to use those ‘doings’ for others however small in your eyes…remember it’s God’s war! (Exodus 2:3)

3. There are special opportunities that may come to you out of the blue! (a) don’t be fearful of could happen (b)they could be blessings – don’t miss those opportunities (c) be alert to those times in your life from God (Exodus 2:7,8)

4. God really doesn’t need much from us to work his plan for our life.(a) focus on God  – fix your eyes on God (b) think on and concentrate on God – not your troubles (c) trust that God will provide a way out. (Exodus  2:9)

5. Sometimes we think we can do things and get away from them  – but remember God see’s all. (a) let him see the good we do for others. (Exodus 2:12-14)

6. We may feel abandoned and isolated (a) remember God never abandons – give it to him (b) don’t give up – call someone – do something for someone – go somewhere with someone…(Exodus 2:15)

7. God provides rescues in our lives but they may not always come when we want them to. (a) Remember that God has his own time schedule and plan (b) trust God’s timing. (Exodus 2:23-25)

The last Revelation came today – if someone says to you that they “wished they had never loved you” – it hurts yes, especially if you loved them – but once you’ve had time to reflect on this – ‘thank God’ that now you see that if someone doesn’t want to be in your life – you need not try to force it or them to be there – be thankful and expectant that God has bigger plans and the right person that will be coming your way – that will love YOU 4 YOU and will ‘want’ to love YOU and receive YOUR love!


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