It occurs to me that I never let you know

That what you did for me I bet I didn’t show

My heart was down-trodden, beaten down from years of words

I couldn’t speak, I was way too afraid

but it’s true you saved my life

I bet you never heard.


Now you may think how can that be

You may wonder how in the world

but I assure you – your light was felt

coming and going – and I know somehow you were there for me.


The light you provided at just the right time

sometimes made me fearful

sometimes made me laugh

and sometimes your light directed me

back to the right path.


I bet you never knew that what you did really had an impact for good.

I bet you never had a clue

I bet you never knew that when my head was nearly under water

your hand pulled me up – it was you.


When the waves crashed

When the undertow threatened to drag me down

When the rip tide was pulling me far away

your hand was the hand I reached for without making a sound.


Oh here there were tears and lots of noise

All of the usual going through the motion

and none of the joy


You see without a word – your presence was known

I bet you didn’t know

I regret that I didn’t thank you

and that I didn’t show


Today the word hope is wrapped around my heart

Today gray is not grey as before

I bet you didn’t know that what may have been meant for bad

God used you to turn it all around to give me a new start


So I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart

Your light flickering as it did gave me a reason

I know that people come in and out of our lives at just the right time

I know that sometimes they are only here for a season.


But thank you nonetheless

thank you from the bottom of my heart

I hope you can forgive me

You saved my life and I will never forget

I would have liked to have told you

that’s the only thing that I regret.

Sometimes we have no idea how we can impact someone’s life, or even a song on the radio can….did you know that God may have placed it and them there….right when we were willing to hear…Remember to share …your story…who knows – they could be the life you save…..

… …dedicated to: those lights that appear when we least expect them….


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