In The Rear-View

I’m truly honored….that featured one of my pieces….It’s a site I read every day…about love, loss, and finding our way back to the possibility of new love…

The Fickle Heartbeat

meeting the right person at the wrong time

Shared by suthrngirlsings51

Looking in my rear view mirror I caught a glimpse. I didn’t stop. I had places to go, but my heart stopped when my mind registered what my eyes had seen.

Twice in two days it has happened that way, like my eyes were not telling my mind what they had seen…… or my mind was so cluttered it didn’t understand.

What I saw was you, beside a car that was packed to the brim. What triggered the despair is what I saw you do. You looked at my car as I drove away and though I couldn’t see your eyes, when I saw your head ‘drop’ down as you looked away – sadness hit me.

The car was packed. I could see that from where I was. It was packed to the brim, almost to overflowing. Why did you drop your head? It was how you…

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