4 Principles of Delegation

Are you a person of great responsibility and you sometimes feel you are the only one who can do the necessary tasks? Did you know there is a solution? It involves one word – (well two actually!) (2)Delegation! Delegate those worries and stress to the one who grants peace – (1)GOD!

There are (4) ways that delegation can help you: (1)Did you know that delegation relieves stress and (2)improves the quality of your work? In fact, did you know that it actually (3)helps prepare you for your work by giving you back time? Proper delegation can (4)multiply your effectiveness.

There was a great man in history that learned first-hand how important delegation was. His name was Moses. Even the great Moses saw the wisdom when Jethro pointed out to him that he (Moses) was “going to wear himself out” ( Exodus 18:18), if he did not delegate his great responsibility.

Don’t carry the heavy burden all by yourself. Delegate – first however – trust God, by talking to him, then walk in faith – that He will help you Delegate.



10 thoughts on “4 Principles of Delegation

    1. Thank you Karen! I wrote it for my biz and posted on LinkedIn but originally from my reading this morning…it spoke to me -or rather God’s word did! He blesses me so…Thank you for reading it…and sharing your thoughts….I’m grateful!

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      1. Hi Karen: I help small business owners and entrepreneurs save time and $$$ with their Administrative, Social Media updates, Writing needs and more, so they (the biz owner) can concentrate on building their biz. I am a Virtual Assistant. 🙂


      2. Oh my. I was just asking someone today about that after I read about it online. Can you share a post on how you get started in a business like that? I am presently unemployed and presently looking for stuff I can make money from doing what I already do a lot now I’m home: read emails, social media, blogging and typing. How did you find clients? Can you share with me privately if you don’t want to blog about it? Email me.

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      3. Hi Karen: I will be glad to email you. I will send it as soon as possible. Today started off with a bang as I have a sick child. I would like to sit down and put something together for you and will try to send it this afternoon.

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