Don’t Trade Wise Decisions For A Bowl Of Stew!

Have you ever made hasty decisions?

In your busy work life or personal life do you ever find that you have made decisions when you were physically and emotionally drained? Are you willing to sacrifice what is a sound decision, for one that is made in haste when you are exhausted and hurried and one that only brings temporary solutions?

Wouldn’t you rather give value and top priority to thoughtful, well planned processes? Wouldn’t you rather make decisions based on sound judgment?  Maybe it’s time to strategize. Do you have someone you can talk to about making better decisions? Sure you do! God! Go to him first when making decisions and if he prompts you, elicit some help from a trusted person in your life or business.

As I’ve heard it said – two sets of eyes are better than 1 set sometimes.

Wouldn’t you rather that you benefit by making wise decisions and take that needed time out of your busy day and schedule to really talk to God about those important decisions? Wouldn’t you benefit from making better decisions today so that you don’t have tomorrow’s consequences? We all make unwise choices.

We have a better chance of making better decisions, when we put God first! Do you remember the hasty decision Esau made over a bowl of stew? (Genesis: 25:27-34). Don’t let that happen to you….

Pull up a chair. Take time for a cup of tea or a cup of coffee, and talk to God. Let him help you find ways through his Word, to make better decisions today and for even for tomorrow.

Remember to share your stories here with me or with someone….today!


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