God’s Plan For You and I

Love is an ocean wide (distance is not an issue for God) and God’s love is infinite – it goes on and on. He can reach us from any place in the world by reaching out to us through others – from near and from far. He knows what we need and whom we need with their own special gifts. He sends us to each other as angels unaware.

In our humanness, there are twists and turns in our emotions and we may not understand or acknowledge. Yet, God’s love has filled many oceans and He knows who we need when we are sad, glad, happy, down or mad.

He can reach us from someone far away or close by. It doesn’t really even matter the location of the person and it really doesn’t matter their vocation. He knows whom to send when we need lifting up. He can even use those that hold us down.

God knows who we need and whether we are willing participants or not does not matter. It is his big world. It is his plan. We are to march or to dance to the sound of his band.

So, dear one what I have figured out is this – that when you have been there for someone or to the ones that were there for someone and those in the shadows who may have a different agenda, you are there to give others purpose, the purpose He wants us to have. You see, you may have been there for one reason or even a season but God uses you and I to pick each other up, to help us hold on, to keep us alive ..yes, to keep us alive – with a purpose, to fight, to ponder ..to give us drive when tears nearly drown us. He graced us with YOU – yes you and we may have been given through his love to you.

When we were in pain, He showed us through you, that we can still love. He gave us your presence when we were afraid. He gave us security when we felt we were on the edge and needed protection. You and I may have thought it for one purpose and we might have thought it meaningless at the time or just a job, but I can assure you and I know in my heart, your purpose was love, His love through YOU. Oh, you didn’t feel that (love) perhaps, but HIS plan nonetheless always involves love.

When He sees us on the floor and we feel like we can not stand, he sends a letter or a phone call. When we feel our light is dim, he shows us a flicker which causes a curiosity. That curiosity is what I’m trying to convey to you – was provided with purpose – something to ponder, and take us out of ourselves.

I have had occasions that I have had it wrong too. In my fear from being hurt in times past, I couldn’t see in front of me that there are those – you perhaps, and you were sent there for a reason/His reason – no matter what you think or might say.

You may have helped us to hold on. You may have saved us. In essence, you may have graced us – you gave us drive. You may have kept us alive. This is my expression of gratitude to you and for you and to the heavenly Father for placing you there. For all of the ‘You’s that have graced my life.

What we need God can provide and He does. When we need faith, He send us people with strong faith. When we need appreciation, He sends us people that are kind. When we need love, He surrounds us with loving people. When we need to feel someone cares, even if only one, He again – sends us one.

All that God gives is what we need but He does so through others. That is how beautiful God is. We believe He will deliver but we do not consider how. He does through others, and through us to others and through each situation.

If we will take time to voice our needs to him, He meets those needs. Even if we do not recognize that simple fact at the time sometimes, when we look back – something from someone, even standing at a distance, may have given us what we need after all.

Love is an ocean wide. God is Love and God’s love is infinite. It goes on and on…



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