Happy Valentine’s Day My Love!

As I was sitting on the sofa last night it came to mind that I should write a letter to my first love – Jesus. It came to mind that while I do not have a Valentine – a special one for me experience in my life right now – I do have Jesus! He is the essence of the word Love! I have named in my heart/prayed,as if I had a choice in the matter, what that special one might be like, (a suggestion from a friend who prayed her husband of many years into her life in a matter of a month). While my friends’ husband possessed all of the qualities she prayed for and one or two additional, he also possessed a few challenging traits. She loves him anyway. She admittedly has a few of her own. Challenges to me, when love is at the heart of the matter, serve only to bond two people to be even stronger. We all have challenging traits. We all are unique. God made us that way. So here is my love letter to the love of my heart and my life. No matter where I go from here or whether I have that chance at love on earth again – I am forever changed by and through his love.


You hope for me

You wait for me

You lift me when I fall

You never give up on me thru it all.

You stand for me

You accept me

You see my heart

You were there from the very start

You will not leave me

You will not forsake me

You only speak words of love and encouragement to my heart.

You read me

You feel me

You kneel beside me when I pray.

You are kind

You are good

You are patient

You are helpful

You give me praise.

You don’t condemn me

You never give up on me

You know when I hurt

You sit with me when I cry

You dry my tears

You take away my fears

I may have been afraid to trust yet You graced me with your presence.

You walk with me along the way and No matter where I’ve been or where I go, You forgive and love me unconditionally and only ask that I love you in return.

You make me a better person

I want to know you more and more

You are the love I’ve waited to find

You are the love of my life

No Valentine’s Day could ever capture what we have

You don’t wait for that one day a year to show me how much you care

You are real.

You are the love of my life. You are Love and my Lord.

In your name you heal. You are my king, My heart, my everything.


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