I hope you had a nice day today. I had a very up and down day. It started kind of shaky and the light seemed far away today and then I prayed and asked God to send someone that I needed and as God does for me so many times over and over, someone special called. She is a successful business woman. She is Christian and she is beautiful inside and out. I knew that the first time I met her, actually now that I think of it, I knew it on the first phone call, the first time she returned my call. You know how you just know sometimes? Connection!

Well, the same lady called today right after my prayer, but I do not think I shared with her how God worked through her. She and I spoke a few minutes and I shared with her why I had reached out to her the day before and there she was with help. You see, I had an idea that the more I think of it – was planted there like so many other seeds that God has graced me with and when I shared it with her – she not only liked my idea, she went one step further. She presented me with a tool. I’m excited to see where this will go. I have never done this type of thing before and it is a bit out of my element and my comfort zone – but guess what – I’m excited to do it anyway.

The day got better from there and my focus was back. I made my usual checklist for the day and stayed on track – being ever mindful to document my process. ( Did I mention, I love checklists and documenting processes?) Anyway – one call after the next I began to make and before I realized it the day was almost over. I was very much at peace that I was ending the day on a better note than it had begun.

I had a call scheduled for early evening and was pretty excited about it and God went one step further. The person, a very kind and empathetic lady, allowed me time to share with her what has been on my heart and she went one step beyond what I even imagined. You see, I had imagined just taking a few notes and taking away the bits of knowledge that she would share. There was connection again. She is a very smart and quite encouraging. Not that I didn’t expect her to be encouraging – but she went beyond my imagination. By the time the call had ended, I had 4 pages of notes and a really burning passion for where I was headed. Do you know what she did for me that she doesn’t even know that she did? She said she believed in me….she believed in my message. Have you had someone tell you that they believe in you? It makes a difference inside of you to know people ‘believe’ in you.

Well – here is what I’ve realized – I had prayed to God a day or so ago or possibly a matter of hours ago that I felt that no one believed in me and where I was headed with my dream. Yes, I have family that I dearly love. Yes, sometimes they say encouraging bits and pieces but I have felt that even that had dwindled lately. She – a virtual stranger and I mean virtual – believed in my message and my passion and my dream and my goals. She coached me however, to see that I needed to stay the path – THE PATH! ONE PATH! – not 5 or 10 or 100 – one! ONE!. Here is one better –

She didn’t know that God placed her belief in me – about MOI.. within her. But God went one step beyond – He worked through her to help me – believe in me and my dream and my passion and my goals. He delivered just what I prayed for. How awesome is He?…Wait it gets better!

This dear lady said the most amazing thing – she said she believed and echoed the thoughts and ideas of the lady that I spoke with the first call of the day. She went on and clarified and even emphasized several times, that she really believed the lady on the first call was telling me something special and she (the lady on the phone with me) completely, 100% felt that it was exactly the place and direction that I should be headed. She said to me, “it is only your first step. I can see you being successful with this. I can envision this for you.” She just reminded me to stay on goal, to stay focused and work my plan – the plan she was led to share with me. (Who’s plan?) God went one better – He had confirmed what my friend and first call of the day said to me and he provided that confirmation through someone else. Confirmation from God – now that is God – no doubt about it in my mind.

After the call – I made dinner and shared the details with my Dad when he returned from his meeting and guess what? He even could sense the passion. I calmly was also able to share with him the steps – the goals and the last callers direction to me, that was by the way – precise – and very exciting …and her belief in me – caused me to relay the words with a passion to my Dad who – did what? He smiled and said – That’s great! Do you know how good that feels? God’s answer – his blessing  – his grace!

I am a people pleaser by nature and I’m proud to be one – not proud as in pride, just thankful. I take it very much to heart if I believe I have not done my best with people and they are disappointed in me. I am not referring to some people  that you can never please. I am referring to those times when you know that you have not given your best and people are affected. I can remember the times that I didn’t build others up like I should have – you know! You know the difference right? You know! Something inside of you knows when you have given your best versus mediocre. I don’t want to be mediocre. I didn’t make it this far in life to be mediocre or lukewarm. I want to be all in and fully awake! I spent too many years – surviving. I had to. God gave me ways to survive – my 3 children – were 3 ways and reasons – but I want to do more and go beyond!

Well – needless to say – the evening went one step better – more bits of grace from the same lady and even though I’m not able to go the distance in one area financially, I am able to glean from what has been shared and work a new program starting tomorrow.

You see – what others share with you is valuable. You can learn from a simple phone call. – You can learn from an article online. You can learn from face-to-face conversations. – You can even learn from the TV if you decide to turn it on – like I prefer not to. You can learn from someone online that you connect with via online connections. There are many ways to find messages and lessons spoken to you all day.

Who is the thread behind it all? You guessed it – I hope you guessed it – God! We are meant for connections. He will always go – one better and beyond. I’m excited about tomorrow. I have an early meeting with ideas that I hope to share.

I want to encourage you to keep sharing your story with others – and make the connections….and tell someone you believe in them. You may be the inspiration they have been needing…

Allow God to work through you to encourage someone …..and then allow Him to go one more and beyond…

God bless you and goodnight…



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