A Tribute to Life and Life Lost

This has been a sad 2nd day after learning of the loss of the men on the military training exercise, on the very capable piece of equipment, in a very tough flying environment, yet they do it with such grace. As we learn the names of those lost, it brings tears to my eyes at the thought of loss of life, it also made me wonder as I live very nearby, if I ever have crossed any of their paths.

Did I smile? Did I look away? Did I not even look up? How many times in a day do we in a hurried pace or caught up in our lives and hurts and hangups, do we not look up at the other person? I know that I have done that very thing. Again, I wonder.

This terrible tragedy caused me to sit and reflect on how precious life is and how fast paced our lives are. This tragedy caused me to think back on the faces that I pass by each day and night in cars and trucks and in church on Sunday, in stores that I frequent or even in restaurants. What is gong on with the people that I may not speak to? Are they having a bad day? Have they had a tragedy in their own life? Are they happy and celebrating something special? We don’t know until we connect right?

To those lives that were lost. . Who did they touch and how? Who were their friends and family? Who did they love and who loved them? Where did they go to school? What were their dreams and goals, then to the final thought – their legacy.

I say to my family on a regular basis, these men and women serve us every day and they are the reason we can go to sleep at night. These men and women, young and some senior’s, work for us every day and night to keep us safe. I have felt this so much more strongly as I’ve grown older and I know that I, like so many people have taken this fact for granted, especially when I was younger. These amazing people, that God has called and works His plan through their lives, protect us each day and each night. They are the reason that our heads can hit the pillow at night, for a peaceful rest. They probably aren’t sleeping much. They are flying in secret missions, they are flying in training operations and they are standing guard for us, all while we slumber.

Today, when you go through your busy life – look at the people you pass by in the car, at the store, in the restaurant. If you know they are military – tell them you appreciate them, yet, this isn’t written just for the military – this is a dedication to any who are out there to protect us – police, firemen, medics, doctors, nurses and so many more…..

Look around you today and tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. Be aware of who you pass by each day and with every opportunity – forgetting past pain, hurts, and all of it…smile or say a kind word.

God placed us all here to love and appreciate each other and as ‘they’ do, to help each other and we shouldn’t have to wait for tragedy to recognize it!

God bless you lovely souls that were lost and God bless you those that are grieving….

God bless you all….freedom


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