Your 3 Options When They Don’t ‘Hear’ You!


What does compassion look like? To me, compassion is not only warm but gives off a certain light. If you or someone you know is in the midst of a struggle and either one of you is trying to make your position known to the other – do you listen? I mean – really listen and engage? Depending on where you are on fringes or in the midst of the relationship, you may choose to be compassionate and understanding or you may dismiss it. What does that say when you dismiss someone or their situation with a lack of compassion?

Have you ever had something you were trying very hard to convey to someone and yet even though you even raised the level of your voice, they still kept on with their task? How does that affect you? How does it make you feel? Does it make you feel valued or de-valued?

When someone is on our team, we know it. When someone is sitting on the fence, we know that too. We can tell someone’s position from their responses or lack of response. We can sense if they are really for us or just pretending to be for us. Polite or politely dismissing us.We can also sense when they are not for us at all.

If you are going through a tough time and those around you or those that you seek out for understanding and compassion are not available – physically or emotionally, what are your options?

  1. You Stand your ground until they hear you.
  2. You State your case and walk away and grumble under your breath and feel devalued.
  3. You Locate people that are on your team.

Later those persons who you tried to connect with but couldn’t reach may return and provide the value that you needed all along from their connection but don’t let that stop you. Keep pressing in…

How does it feel to know someone is with you when you are having a difficult day or going through a major transition and you do not feel that anyone understands or is there for you? There will be those times for sure. There will be those wonderful times of sharing also. Treasure them.

Next time you need to get a point across or better still someone else is trying to connect with you – will you listen? Will you be compassionate? It may very well be the hope they need.

Did you share your story with someone today? It’s not about the’s about the sharing!

graphic: johnhain


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