Time To Come Down

Time To Come Down

…It has been a while since I have posted and – I know now that the enemy had me held down and feeling that my voice wasn’t needed….however, – I’m back! I heard Klove on the car radio declare it was No Fear Friday! Well today is so much more…

I took a morning drive to see the sun rise over the water and turning on the car radio heard KLove declare…this is a No Fear Friday! What a relief….

Last night, as my thoughts were almost steered to the past, I had a revelation – I didn’t have to allow those thoughts to continue any longer and I knew in my spirit, I had dwelt on that mountain way too long and it was time to come down.

So driving this on this early morning looking out at the beautiful water and the boats sitting upon it, so still that it appeared they were sitting upon a tabletop and feeling the glow from the rising sun, which cast a golden glow over everything  and then to hearing the car radio announce the message that “today was a new day and no fear was allowed”, was truly confirmation that it was time to move to positive thoughts, no more looking over the same concerns. God has it!

During these past months, I felt my inspiration had run dry, I almost gave up singing and something that I believe God has given me to enjoy and to share. I had dropped out of my church choir even. I felt if I wasn’t my best, I couldn’t give my best. Looking back now I clearly see – the enemy truly had a hold on me …but no more..”Greater is He is me than he that is in the world.”1John 4:4

Therefore, there is no condemnation. (from God) Romans 8:1. That feeling that you are not okay or right with the world is the ‘enemy’ speaking. You are more than okay!

God has and always will be my inspiration.I can always see when coming off of that mountain, that God had to get my attention, so that I could be set free. In my own striving to understand the world around me – I had taken my eyes off of him.

The doors that God shut in my life when life went silent – he shut for a reason and he will open new doors – This song says it better than I can explain… 

Better: – Jessica Reedy

I used to be so broken, lost, empty.
A heart with no beat.
A singer with no song to sing.
So I know the feeling
The silence is deafening
But in your pain lies a blessing
A sweeter song of victory
So keep walking, walking, walking
Though it seems so far.
No matter who you are
See, there is one thing that I know
Life it can leave,
You so bitter bitter, bitter, bitter
But you must believe
That it gets better, better, better, better…

.so I’m back …and better .and if YOU are struggling with lack of inspiration, feeling your well has run dry – talk to God about it – there is a purpose. “come near to God and he will come near to you.”James 4:8

God may shut a few doors, but remember even in that, there is purpose.”The Father alone has the authority to set those dates and times, and they are not for you to know.”Act’s 1:7 

You will know when it is time to come off of that mountain to start again…with your own No Fear Friday…

God bless you…


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