The One Letter To Give You Closure and Freedom

The letter

You are valuable – do you know that? You are! I have found that God has value within me also. My gifts are my friends and my family and so many other things, but one such treasure – a friend, recently wrote a letter that she couldn’t decide whether to send or not. It was a beautifully written bittersweet letter of telling someone that while she was hurt that her friendship had ended with them, that she still felt love in her heart for them. 

She and I later discussed what had been on her heart when she wrote the letter. It was written from a place of pain, but a decision to leave the situation better than it was originally left – on a positive end. She shared with me the next day, after writing and in this case sending the letter, that she felt such release – such peace. She had given herself closure when the other person had exited her life with harsh words which was a complete shock.

There are times in life when God has people exit our life. Sometimes we feel stranded with no closure. A letter can be a tool used as a bridge of forgiveness to the other person and for understanding toward ourselves.

Writing a letter can be a helpful tool to utilize. whether you send the letter or not, this letter can also be a loving gift that you give to yourself…to set yourself free of pain and regret and even rejection. You could set a balloon free into the air and watch it float away to represent setting something free –  yet, a letter is a direct and very personal appeal to your heart.

If you have something on your heart to write about – a sadness, pain, regret, loss of any kind or just that you missed an opportunity to tell someone something, writing a letter might just be the closure you need. It may just be the catalyst for peace to return to your life. Listen to God’s prompts – is he asking you to write it? Ask him if you should send it or just let it be for yourself….whatever you decide – between yourself and God – I wish you much love and peace.



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