October – Life Is Beautiful

We wait and we wait for life to happen. We stumble and cry and fail to go out to life. We have so much and yet sometimes, we have no clue what we have. We take it all for granted. I’m no exception. When pain seems to hang on day after day – we can become exhausted wondering how we possibly could put one foot in front of the other to take another step. Somehow we make it to a new day – only to wonder – what is all of this? Why is it a struggle? Why are we so tired before we begin?

As I was sitting here today listening to a song that reminded me of things past – for a moment tears welled up and then a smile formed. I remembered how very blessed I was just to have those experiences that I sat there remembering. I was so blessed to have those people even touch my life for a moment.

When it gets right down to it – every day is a gift and that and in and of itself – makes life beautiful. When you look back as I did today – try to find in your heart places where once was sad and you thought lost – and today like myself – you realize the blessing is that it just now brings a smile to your heart….Life is beautiful…..  ❤


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