The Ingredient That Activates Hope and Belief

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We hope in the Lord. We have expectation of good but there is a difference (between having hope, expectation ) and belief (knowing).

We believe God is a God of love. We believe Jesus died on he cross to save us from our sins . We believe he was atonement for our sins and that he arose from the dead through the power, because of and with the power of God.

We know John the Baptist was making a way in the wilderness. We know Mary was Jesus’ mother. We know because we believe and have hope in God that one day there will be an end to pain, when we are reunited with God (the Father) in heaven.

We believe God’s word is true. We have a hope because we believe.

Hope therefore is expectation. Belief – is knowing and what activates our hope and belief is Faith that the Word of God is true.

Have a blessed day…



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