A Prayer of Faith to Drive Away Mind-Binding Spirits

pressing on-woman of faith

I was given a prayer on my heart to share with you all today. I want to start by asking you – Have you ever felt that what you once believed – you no longer believed to be true and doubted yourself or God? Have you every felt exhausted and sluggish to the point you felt you were on auto-pilot and quite simply wiped out-mentally and physically? Have you ever felt that you had come to a place of utter disbelief and doubt that what you once felt and believed that God had spoken to you would never come to pass – that the dream in your heart and/or vision – couldn’t simply take place – that you were too weak or didn’t have the knowledge or the way to pull it off? I have and here is what God showed me today. I want to share this with you and suggest that if you find yourself in this place that you make this your prayer (and tailor it to your own situation) also:

By the power of His blood I ask you Jesus to come alongside of me and to come against all mind-binding spirits that hinder godly thoughts. When I feel my mind is sluggish, lazy, and unable to believe what I once believed and when I begin to doubt that what I had been given, a vision, would come to pass, that it be a signal to me to rise up and speak against – every mind-binding spirit. I will pray not once but time and time again.

I know the devil never runs out of fiery darts to throw against me when I am trying to press forward. He tries to hold me back by convincing me that it is helpless, and a hopeless situation, but what he doesn’t know is that God has declared me a woman of mighty faith,with the gift of communication/the gift of words, so I will lift my shield of faith and remember James 1:2-8 which teaches we can ask God for wisdom (and his discernment) in  and he will give it to us and will show us what to do.

So, I declare all mind-binding spirits are broken away from me and they are sent back to the depths from which they came and they are unable to return in Jesus name!

Now, I know my God has give me revelation knowledge of a vision for my life and I will trust that God didn’t bring me this far to leave me and that he will bring the vision, the rhema, to full fruition in my life, in his time. I declare this to be true – In Jesus name and with and on behalf of all of God’s people – we say Amen!

Inspiration Source: Battlefield of the Mind – Joyce Meyer (chapter 6)

Scripture list to speak out loud: Philippians 4:6, 7, John 8:31-32, Psalm 107:20, 1 Cor 1:27, Romans 8:26

May you be blessed and released to press forward,



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