Reaching Without Words – What Do You Hear Me Say?


I wasn’t sure what I was planning to write about so I want to start by asking a question? Have you ever felt that no one was there for you? That no one cared whether you lived or died? I will go first. I have. I have felt that and it is a pang in my heart to this day. No, not that I still feel that way – but it is a scar of remembrance.

My best friend reminded me that it wasn’t true. She said she would care if I left. She reminded me that God of course minded if I left early as well. I know that it is the enemy, satan or lucifer or whomever you want to call him. He wanted me to believe no one cared. He wanted me to believe that year that seems so distant, yet so close, that I was worthless. He wanted me to believe that I deserved the verbal abuse, and the emotional abuse. He wanted me to believe I was a wimp and that I should just do everyone a favor and vamoose. Well guess what? I’m still here! Guess what else? I’m bacccccccccccccccccccck! She is back! The …… is back!

Now ….if that sounds a bit ugly, I assure you, it isn’t meant that way. I feel so strongly that people not turn away from people because they don’t dress the same as you or that they don’t live in the same type of home as you, hang with the same friends as you or go to the same school as you or have the same money as you – or have something called depression brought on by what satan or the abuse fairy or whomever shared with you…Do you know that one small smile could save someone’s life? Do you know that to label someone with depression could end their life? Do you know that those persons doing the labeling could even be family?

Snap back to reality? Did you by chance see the havoc reaped on innocent people in France? Those people doing their best to enjoy their life – eating, shopping, walking by, listening to music? Do you think that those people need compassion and that what their families will go through for years to come could be deemed depression? I hope not, meaning I hope they do not have to deal with depression and I hope and pray that if they do, they are not labeled and feel alone. I pray that they will find strength each new day to press on, yet I am a realist that they have a few rough days, months, possibly years ahead and I pray they feel supported on every side! I hope when the dust clears they don’t feel as if no one is there for them, that no one cares and that they feel as if they are alone in their grief – drowning. I pray that people will uplift them and stand with them and support them on all sides when they start to fall.

See people … it doesn’t even matter if we live in another country or a world away – We are all valuable and deserve love. We all need from time to time to believe we won’t be forgotten and that love conquers all. I’ve learned that love never walks away – that when someone is fighting depression, when someone is hurting from the past and can’t find the words or the arms to reach out to say I need you – that they need you less. They may even seemingly push you away for many reasons – their pain, fear, feeling helpless or hopeless or even that society thinks they should get over it in 3 days.

Grief is an individual process in my opinion. Some say 30 days, some some years, some say – “your cancer is gone, the doctors removed it – now get over it”….

Remember the word love never gives in or up on you – In fact it digs it’s heels in and refuses to listen to the world that says …”they over there with the tear stained faces are more of a hassle” – “look elsewhere”… “get away from them” – “find someone new and better”…or whatever other comments are tossed into the air. That person could really need you, be praying you into their life, praying that you see behind the blank stare or the tears and see that they like you – just need someone to take a chance on them, to stand with them, to love them through the pain until they make it to the other side.

That’s all. That’s it. That’s the simplicity of it. Love …

I wish for their pain in France and in the USA or elsewhere – of those hurt and of those family members left behind to face the world – that they never feel alone to deal with their grief.  I pray that someone – many someone’s will come alongside of them, now and for days, months, and years to come.

Please understand what some may not be able to speak…but still feel is sometimes spoken in silence…and all they really need is someone to see behind their tears or their blank stares.

Pressing on…..



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