5Ways of Sowing Into His Kingdom

I have been helping a friend through a very trying time in her life. She has been dealt a season of loss – that she has persevered through. She still has a few challenges but the greatest thing is to see God’s handiwork through her circumstances. God has opened and closed doors in her life. He has a few more to close and yet new doors to be opened. In fact, she has a brand new home with lots of new doors to open.

I have been blessed to call her my friend. She and I have spent many years in and out of each others lives, yet the bond of friendship has remained in tact. We have sowed into each others lives for a long time. She has certainly been sowing much into mine also recently.

At this time in my friends life however, I have not been able to sow much financially, however, I have found that sowing into someone’s life with your time and your heart and prayers has amazing benefits. I have seen new doors opened to me as well. Again, I see Gods’ hand-print!

Remember in the season of sowing and reaping there is always a harvest!

You do not have to have money to sow into His kingdom – although tithing is another way to sow. You can sow into the kingdom with your time, and prayers, study, worship and of course sowing into his kingdom into others’ lives. You will reap the benefits of sowing. So in this season of giving and giving thanks – give in the spirit of love and be assured – the harvest of abundance will be yours!

God bless you – Happy Harvest!






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