This is My Story and His

In reading about another lovely soul – who celebrates today her deliverance from abuse, I found that my story was similar in a lot of ways.

As I wrote to her….”Our lives escaping, as it were…began on Dec 20 2012″…when he walked out. I landed in the wilderness for a year, I eventually traveled to the promised land – a place that was spoken to my daughter by my mother in 2011, before she departed…She spoke of a place that I would be delivered to.

I arrived in safe land ..battered and bruised and very afraid of everything and everyone and even the quiet. I thought I was okay at first, but learned quickly or rather slowly – that I wasn’t. After years of learning not to react to anything and keeping everything all inside for fear of being told one more day that I was weak, it all came out in a torrent of activity, behavior and emotion. I don’t exactly like what I see now, but I have learned to forgive myself and I know that God has forgiven me as well.

I have learned to enjoy it, the quiet – and found myself in the midst of it and learned more about God in the midst of it also.

3 years later – I’m a new creation – the past is scars upon my heart but has created wisdom and that the scars are only chapters in my story of which continues.

Every day is seen in a new light of adventure – to do more and help more and be more for Him, giving thanks for every day that I am graced to breathe.

God has brought me on the other side of cancer in the midst of the turmoil in what my mother referred to as Babylon. I have been graced over and over….my life with music and angels and so much more.

My humor has even returned and I see quite clearly… I am a direct descendant of the Israelite’s – walking an 11 days journey for 40 years, but I have so much more now to look forward to and a story to share …which by the way really is not my story at all. It is God’s! He is amazing!

Have you shared your story today? I bet if you look closely, you will see God in the midst of it also!





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