Giving Thanks For Soup

Gratitude in the midst of a cold? Gratitude in the midst of missing out on family plans? Yes to both! Why? Each day we receive just what we need. God knows it all. He knows what our days are going to be like before we wake. I have even learned that he provides enough strength for the day ahead of time. So why not always feel gratitude for a loving Father who does well in advance for us?

So, my family and I may have to stay home this year. We have colds and do not want to spread it to others, especially the young or those with compromised immune systems. That is one time not sharing would be appreciated. So we may stay in and have turkey dinner in a soup bowl – with lots of tissues and bed slippers and cups of hot tea, but in that I will still be thankful. Why? Because I know – this too shall pass!

If God feels that to stay home is the way – who am I to argue? I will just be thankful that I am alive and that I am home with family. I have a roof over my head and a bed to lay down. I have tissues and I have soup and I have a bowl to eat it out of. I have hands to hold the bowl.

If you start to think of all the things to be thankful for – from the soup bowl to the hands that hold it, to what is provided in the bowl, to the house and the blanket or floor or wherever you might be, you will see there are many blessings. The greatest blessing is that my God saw me before I was born. He saw me in my mothers womb. He blessed me with a wonderful set of parents and brother. He blessed me with all of my parents’ family and so many friends.

He blesses me coming in and going out. Who am I to be ungrateful, when I have so much to be grateful for! Yes, even a cold – for today. I am blessed with the opportunity to ‘rest’.




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