To That Which Is Hidden

What does revelation mean? It means to me that what was once hidden is now seen, is now understood.

Googles definition “the making known of something that was previously secret or unknown.”

John was on the island of Patmos and received a Revelation. He wrote down what was spoken to him as word pictures for readers. He revealed that Jesus’ words were like a sword which slices – cuts deep and is felt – not just heard. It was revealed to John that Jesus’ eyes were like a flame of fire! Penetrating, and yet refining. Jesus was seen through the bible to show anger, to show love and to show sorrow in his beautiful eyes. Those were the emotions that revealed so much about who he was. He could feel strongly, he loved unconditionally and expressed sorrow deeply. Do you know anyone that you can easily see their emotions through their eyes? Do you show emotion or is it hidden? Is there someone in your life that you would reveal those hidden things to?

John could have been afraid of Jesus’ eyes, yet the very essence of Jesus is that we do not have to be afraid…of anything – simply because of who He is! Sometimes as humans we become afraid. I know I do. Sometimes in the most unlikely of circumstances, even puzzling me as to why I would feel fear in seemingly safe places, yet I have. I know the scripture that says ‘do not be afraid of anything…” Yet, haven’t we all felt fear?

Have you looked into faces that were seemingly smiling at you and just underneath you saw something else? I do not choose to see anything but what is presented, meaning I do not choose to look for the something else. If I see a smile, I will choose to see warmth. Yes, I know that may not always be the case – yet I do not want to spend my days searching for the hidden. Why? Because I know in His time, God reveals what is hidden from us. He has the eyes that penetrate even to our hearts. He knows our actions before we even take the first step. He knows what we say under our breaths and whisper to others. He knows. 

Jesus had people smile at him, use him, betray him – yet he remained constant. He prayed. He gave it to His Father in heaven.

Did you know that God has us in his hands? He does. When we have tough times going on in our lives– let us remember that God see’s all. He knows all and He’s got it! Let God reveal to you what is hidden from you.

Let God into your heart to heal what is hidden, that you are fearful of. I will. He has revealed to me – that there are places that aren’t safe for me and I will heed that feeling/that warning. Sometimes – that fear is the revelation itself! Sometimes that fear is His protection! Trust Him!



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