The Little Glass Jar

We Are All The Same

If someone had a head-start in life, as Pastor Paula White indicates, it doesn’t make them better. If they have the “all that job” it doesn’t say they are worth more. If they do not have a job or they work in a small one person shop – doesn’t indicate they are less valuable. If someone drives a better car or a less expensive car, it does not indicate value. We all are valuable. What we have or do not have in life here on earth, does not indicate value or even define us. In Christ – we are all the same.

Be careful how you treat others and yourself, Pastor Paula also tells us. We are all valuable and what this all points to is this , if we don’t love ourselves (have love of our self), then we can not give away to others what we don’t have. That is really quite simple. No love for ourselves, there is no love to spread or give away to someone in need! If we continually or begin to tell ourselves we matter – we are adding an IOU to a little glass jar. Each time we do this – we are building reserves – IOU’s, to give to someone else. We put in the jar – so we can take out and hand a bit of love (slip of paper) to someone else? Kind of like if you open the fortune cookie – you get a cute little message. If someone forgot to bake that cookie and insert the note – when someone breaks open the cookie – no fortune, no cute little proverb! No affirmation. No bit of grace or bit of love!

If someone forgot to fill the fortune cookie, there would be no cute affirmation or bit of grace. The same for us, if we do not value ourselves and show love to ourselves, how can we share love with others?

If someone rejects you – you are not worthless. Their view of you doesn’t diminish your value – the value God gave you. Do not let anyone define you. Tell yourself “I am right in His eyes. I am justified.: I matter to the Holy One! I matter to God!

Pastor Paula White said something else that jumped out of the podcast at me – “The only person who brings up your past is the devil.” When others bring up your past or past mistakes, that says more about them. It says nothing of God. God forgives and forgets. He forgets!!! The enemy doesn’t!

He (the enemy) held me down for way too long. Enough! I see who it was quite clearly now. All I could see before was rejection. I allowed it to cause me to hold my head down when I walked. I allowed the enemy to steal my joy and to shame me. I have to ask this question: Why participate in holding someone down or reminding them over and over what they did wrong? How would you like it?

Do you want to participate in the Devils work or God’s work? Who’s Boss is yours? The value marker of the value taker?

Pastor Paula said something else in her podcast that was confirmation of what I wrote about yesterday – the word ‘revelation’. She indicated to ask God to open our eyes of understanding, of revelation. Man that happened to me! He reveals all in His time, but sometimes we have to ask.

We are perfect and unblemished in Gods eyes. Take off those dirty sunglasses and replace them with a new pair. Take off those old lenses and put on God’s filter so that you can see your worth through His eyes. Worth doesn’t have to be earned or proved and you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone! You are God’s. As Pastor Paula indicated – tell yourself “I am all that!” You are important. You are redeemed. You have new DNA. You are a new creation in Christ. You are lovable. Remember God first loved YOU! He created YOU. He formed YOU in your mothers womb.

He didn’t create something (YOU) if he wasn’t placing value in it.

I’ve learned that if God forgives me, then I can forgive myself. What I give others has to start with me first. I have to love myself so that I can love others. I have to forgive myself, so that I can forgive others.

God gives me what I need. He equips. He anoints. Ding ding ding! This resonated today also – He gives us the power we need every day – especially on the tough days. Did you know that God sees in advance how much of His power you will need on any given day? So when it’s a tough day – guess what? God has given you an amazing bottle of his ‘power’ perfume.

No more – Self rejection. I am and You are – His beloved. Put in that jar today a slip of paper that says “I am loved.” I love myself for who God created me to be. Do this day in and day out. Start to recognize your own value and then write it down and tear it into strips and put in the glass love jar. Then when needed, you can take out a slip from that jar and give it to others.


Pastor Paula’s Podcast: PWHFT – Ep86 – Unconditional Human Worth



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