Loose Ends

A tattered piece of fabric.
A frayed end of string.
A stringy shoelace.
A worn window screen……
These are but a few of the things that have loose ends.


A relationship gone awry.
A vacation cut short.
A marriage ceremony where one was left at the altar.
The death of a loved one…
These are but a few more of the things that have loose ends.


So, when life leaves you feeling that you are tattered, frayed, stringy, worn, alone, bewildered, shattered and lost…. remember:

A piece of fabric can be made into something new when patched. A frayed end of string can be squared off with a quick snip, a shoelace can be tied to another, a window screen can be replaced, there are new relationships that can be begun, new memories and vacations can be re-created, and if we believe in Jesus, we will see our loved ones again, the Lord willing! All these things can be made new.

One thing left shattered – tattered on a shelf – a heart, can be made new with the healing love of Christ. He was born and then died to make us new and each day is a new opportunity for renewal. Trust in the one who hung the stars, set the oceans in place, as he did the heavens. Trust the one that made the birds to fly, the animals of the field to roam, the grass to grow and the flowers to bloom.

You may have loose ends today – but keep the faith that ‘all things are made new’!



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