Priorities Change

When priorities change – your direction changes.

When priorities change – you reflect on where you walked before.

When priorities change – you see solutions to the stumbling blocks of yesterday.

When priorities change – you close doors.

When priorities change – you set boundaries.

When priorities change – you have a new perspective.

When priorities change – you speak less and hold your tongue more.

When priorities change – you make hard decisions and stand firmly.

When priorities change – things once intriguing or fun, loses it’s shine.

When priorities change, it can be unsettling to make the decision to change direction, or spend some time reflecting on your past mistakes or even your pain. You may be sad to no longer enjoy the same things you once did and to have to say the word ‘no’ more often. Yet, change is liberating and change can be beautiful. Setting priorities and creating boundaries build strength and character. Speaking with purpose and seeing things in a new way allow you to take charge of your life.

When priorities change….





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