Soaking In His Presence

Soaking it all in as I listen to music – I know I’m in my element. I can be listening and partaking in live worship or listening online or even listening to the car radio. These are the most precious moments – when it is God and myself and music.

God gave me a love of music and a desire to worship – to sing to Him. When I’m singing – there is no negative thing that can come near me. I become completely immersed in it, like floating in the ocean over gentle waves – aware of my surroundings, yet slightly removed. Nothing can I compare the feeling to when I’m communing with God through song and the same when I am totally captivated by another person’s beautiful gift of music. Through the music – I could stay all day and night and be in complete peace. I could sit at the feet of someone who plays and sings as if sitting at the foot of the throne and I’m so in awe. No other thing in life has brought me to complete stillness in my soul.

Worship in my experience takes me out of life and places me in the presence of God. Nothing matters when it is He and I. He accepts me in that place just as I am and the connection is unmistakable. I am His and He is mine.

I wanted to share this with you today….I recently discovered this person’s music as I am forever looking for performance tracks. If I could suggest – let the music wash over you… and flow through you and…sing, hum or just be…but let God speak to you in the midst of it. Be forever changed as I am when it is just He and I.

God bless you today….and every day.




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