Before I Forget

I would be remiss, if I didn’t take this moment to say THANK YOU to those who have taken moments out of their lives to read my words here and to those who have even shared their words, thoughts and inspirations here also.

I do appreciate you and I just want you all to know how much you have inspired me as well.

I have come to a place of not wanting to forget my past – and pain – but to embrace it – to remember it and to remember those that I loved dearly, even in the midst of pain. Who I am today is a direct result of the love and pain. I have chosen to enter this new year with more love in my heart for God than I ever thought possible. I am excited to see where God will utilize me this year.

I am grateful to God for the people he has placed even on the outskirts of my life. I am grateful to every single one of them – y es, every one! We aren’t meant to lash out to hurt others. We are meant to love others. We are all flawed but what beautiful flaws they are. The flaws are just the beautiful woven strands in your beautifully woven life. While it is our choice to share with others what He has brought us through, it is also an honor. Every single story is valuable – especially when it points others to God….

I will continue to pray for the first res ponders, who put their lives in harms way each day and each night for each of us, while we we lay our heads down in slumber each night – feeling safe and that includes our military. What an honor you have been given to serve others and I admire you all so much!

I have had a vision for my community for a while now and I will share it here…it would be great for other communities to adopt something similar and unique and I WOULD SO LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT IT HERE/PLEASE SHARE..My vision has been of area churches coming together in song and testimony (a movement) – within the community and moving to other communities- sharing what God has done and what He is doing. Testimonies, our stories are so powerful…and we are so meant to share them. Remember, they are a part of your legacy…..write – share – sing!

I wish you much love and light and much peace today and for the New Year!



5 thoughts on “Before I Forget

    1. Thank you so much revolutionofwords for your words. You are so right and what comfort it brings to know that even in pain and suffering, the Holy Spirit is our support system so to speak, or as I have learned is the “providence of God” It brings me such peace to know that he oversee’s every single detail of our lives and when one thinks on “who” He is….and that HE takes time to pay attention to every detail of our lives, to work it for good – why should we ever fret? When life is not going well some days – I remember who loves me more than anyone ever could…. May your days and nights be blessed! :).


      1. May God bless you as well! Reading your comment I think back to Paul who experienced so much pain and anguish and yet he wrote ” I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation.” You are completely right about getting freedom from fretting. I am a natural worrier. It is a daily battle to turn things over to God.

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      2. Thank you revolutionofwords….I have learned to tell ‘fear’ to hush….it is only an emotion and his first cousin is ‘fret’. I’m learning to take it (life) one step as it comes and not jump way ahead (even having to talk it out with a Christian mentor)…Before there was such uneasiness in the unknown where now I’m at peace with the transformation and illumination. Be blessed! No worries my friend….God has it!


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