Coming Soon: New Blog

I woke this morning and as I so love these moments – I received an inspiration. Praising God for who he is and that he loves me…for me and all he asks me to do is – just… LOVE HIM.  Oh, I so do….I am so in love with Him.

….I love God more in my life today than I ever remember loving him, yet from age 5, when I first answered the altar call, I knew it was a major moment in my life. Life has not been as I envisioned it and yet I know I am blessed.

Well today – here is what was God laid upon my heart. I heard “start something new and near and dear to your heart, something similar to what you had started years ago…”

This new venture will be on the a sharing of music videos that I am inspired by…from various Christian artists. I heard “feature a song, and write about how it is applicable to your life, your story or your circumstances” and “how it has made a positive impact in your life.”.

Why does God want me to do this? I hope …to reach others that may be hurting or need to connect AND be directed TO HIS goodness/HIS GREATNESS and I hope to give someone a word from God in divine inspiration.

See, we all need to connect with others but most importantly with our CREATOR and what better way in my opinion than through music and words and divine inspiration – especially in AND through HIS word!

I’m excited to see where this will lead. I am excited about what God is doing in my life. I see and feel all of the changes this past year has brought to my life…the changes in my life and heart and I am ever ready to do His work/SERVICE FOR HIM in the New Year! God bless YOU and wishing for you and yours…the best in 2016!



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