Don’t you just love new? New clothes, new car, new significant other, new job, new opportunity. The list goes on and on …where ‘new’ comes into our lives. Well I have new today. A new church family and a NEW COMMITMENT and guess what? – I am ALL IN!

Are there things in my life to work on? Absolutely. Do I have things to fix and change? You bet I do. Guess what? I also have a NEW sense of peace about my decision to join a new church. It was a difficult decision to leave my long time church family. I love them dearly but just felt the Holy Spirit had been showing me where I could be fed and where I could be more of what He needs me to be.

Pastor’s message once again blew me away today. He reminded me – that I am not to be lukewarm – or even cold about my commitment to Christ. I am to be ON FIRE for Him!

So, I made a decision yesterday – not to go for an audition because of just that word – Commitment! I have someone near and dear to me (my son) that I am focusing on …and for now he and I will do church together – until God brings about a NEW opportunity for him. God knows what he needs – even if he is not sure. I am happy about my decision to wait on the audition but I have not forgotten my commitment to serve God wherever possible. I know he understands my reason – and yet, I too will have to step to the edge and take a new leap of faith, when the time is right to pursue service in that area. God will let me know the time.

Oh, one more NEW that each of us receives every single day that we wake….(two rather) breath…and HIS MERCY! It is fresh and NEW every morning…..

I’m made NEW with a new church, new direction and NEW FIRE for my heavenly Father and as I met some of the new church members today – the joy bubbled to the surface….As I greeted each one who came forward to meet me (hugs and handshakes and warm exchanges) – I felt absolute peace that God had led me here and a NEW step in a new direction…..oh, and a NEW lifegroup later today….I will be beaming a NEW smile for some days to come. My heart is so full….

Don’t forget to greet the NEW in YOUR life when it appears…embrace it….




7 thoughts on “New

    1. Thank you secretangel for your powerful words of praise. God is good!

      God gave me the word or shall i say words today – New – and Commitment and of course ALL in and ON FIRE! (thru the pastor)

      Someone told me today that I should have taken a leap of faith to the praise team audition and I shared the timing in my heart didn’t seem right. I had it echoed later today at small group, in a sense the same thing was said about our God given abilities and stepping out on the edge to use what God has given us and I felt a nudge from God when it was spoken. I firmly believe it was a reminder to use what He has given me….

      As I told a friend recently – there are no mistakes and no real missed opportunities – I look at them as in HIS TIME! When or if God wants me to head in that direction again – he will send another NEW moment! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much once again for your encouragement and taking the time to read here at Pressing On …I’m so happy this spoke to you….God bless you and your ministry! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Well, my sister. I just felt that same “nudge” when I read your comment. I have been hidden as “secret angel” but have felt that the time may be to speak in public… His Time. I have received 2 invitations so far this year and definitely felt that nudging as I read your comment. That is not easy for me as I prefer to remain “secret” but it’s not about me… It’s all about Him and what He wants. Thanks for the blessings and may God bless you too.

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      2. secret angel….I just read this…so sorry I missed it…and if God nudges you….I understand about taking the leap of faith that it requires ….I’m praying that if you haven’t already….you are still in tune with the nudge…My prayers are with you….

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